New insider preview gives a preview of the new start menu for Windows 10

It provides the tiles with a partially transparent background. If required, it automatically adapts to a color theme. Edge also makes it easier to switch between open tabs using the “ALT + TAB” key combination.

Microsoft has a new prerelease version of after switching to the new release channels in the Windows Insider Program Windows 10 published on the Dev Channel. Build 20161 brings a revised start menu. Other innovations are available for the Edge browser and notifications in Windows 10, among others.

Start menu of Windows 10 Build 20161 (Image: Microsoft)The new start menu does without the background colors of app symbols. In addition, the tiles have a partially transparent background, which is supposed to convey a more uniform look overall. Another new feature is that the color of the transparent tile background can be automatically adapted to the current Windows color theme or the color of the background if desired.

In addition, the Browser Edge will support the “ALT + TAB” key combination for a quick change between the currently open tabs. While the buttons are pressed, previews of the available tabs are also shown in the well-known multitasking view.

The so-called toast notification now shows a logo of the app in the upper left corner, so that users can more quickly identify the origin of the notification. In addition, a cross is now permanently displayed in the top right corner to close the notification.

Another change affects 2-in-1 devices. When you disconnect the keyboard, they no longer display the dialog with which users can decide whether they want to switch to classic tablet mode or the new desktop interface introduced with the May 2020 update. The new interface is now preset. This option can be changed at any time in the settings under System, Tablet.

Microsoft also makes the new function of the calculator for the representation of mathematical function and curves available to the general public. It is aimed primarily at pupils and students.

According to an entry in the Windows Experience Blog, Build 20161 also fixes numerous bugs. Among other things, the logout process has been optimized and a problem with Xbox controllers has been eliminated. Restoring a PC should also work again and not always fail with an error message. In addition, Windows also shows the battery level of connected Bluetooth devices again and the dialog for setting up a new printer should no longer crash.

Crashes where a hypervisor error is reported have not yet been fixed. The installation of new builds may also take an unusually long time. However, it can also happen that the task manager incorrectly reports a CPU speed of 0 GHz.

Users who have subscribed to the Dev Channel will automatically receive the new build. It is unclear when the new features will be introduced in Windows 10 because the Dev Channel is no longer linked to an upcoming function update.

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