New Kebekus video against Catholic Church – TV broadcast tonight

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Carolin Kebekus is once again going to court with the Catholic Church as part of her new show.

A new video by the comedian, which was published on Thursday, deals with the role of women in church institutions – and does not give good credit to it. Kebekus raps in the sacred robe: “The father, the son, the holy spirit. Three men, not a woman, oh my god, that’s brazen. “Later in the text it says:” The next pope is more likely to be a pagan than someone with a vagina. We washed you, brought you the coats, and in thanks you made us all hookers. ”The message: women are systematically kept to a minimum in the church.

You have to know that Kebekus and the church have a long history. In 2013, Westdeutscher Rundfunk removed a church satire from her, in which Kebekus dressed as a nun and valet rapped church criticism and did not save with frivolous gestures. At that time, the WDR referred to the regulations of the WDR law, Kebekus rated it as censorship. For fun, she applied to the German bishops as pope for fun. This was not met with much love.

Kebekus told the German Press Agency about her new video that she left the church a few years ago. “But since my parents were very active with us in the community and I still remember this very positively, I can understand this connection with the community and the longing of believing women for equal rights.”

For them it is a “huge mystery” why one should not use the commitment of these women. “The church is going down the drain and there are clever, highly intelligent, studied women full of love for their church and just want to help but are not allowed to,” she said. “That needs to change!”

The clip should also be shown in the “Carolin Kebekus Show” on Thursday evening (July 9th, 10:45 pm, ARD).

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