new label to produce music

The operator announced today the birth of Movistar Sound, which reinforces the commitment they have Telefónica and Movistar + with the music. The brand will encompass the entire content production process, including the music publishing house, the record label, and the music production area that will be in charge of launching and making known emerging and leading artists in Spain.

Movistar Sound will promote little-known artists

Movistar has already been involved in the creation of musical productions for a few months. In late 2019, the singer Izzy released the single “Your Name”, which was used in Telefónica’s Christmas campaign worldwide. In May, Movistar Sound also released Lottogatika, the third studio album by Red Passenger. The most recent addition to their label has been the group Coconut Yogurts, who with their single «Almost everything has a solution», participated in the series «A country of Imparables», which was broadcast in # 0 and can be seen on demand on Movistar +.

As we see, the operator is going to take the production of this content seriously. The albums they release will be available both in digital formats (including online music streaming platforms such as Spotify) and in physical format, and will also have the production of video clips for the singles and main themes of the artists that are part of the record label.

Movistar currently offers a multitude of music channels

The operator currently has a multitude of channels dedicated to music on Movistar +, including VH1, MTV Rocks, Mezzo, Mezzo Live HD and Classica HD. In addition, last year he revived his Movistar Musical Editorial, created in 2012 with the assets and experience acquired from Sogecable, and which he brought back to life seven years later.

Therefore, Spanish artists will have a new way of growing within the music industry, taking advantage of all the economic and media potential of a giant such as Movistar. The three names confirmed within the record label will be joined by many others in the coming months as Movistar Sound grows, revealing a lot of talent in Spain to avoid barriers to entry in this market.

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