new measure to reduce downloads

Senators have been working with the industry for years to reform the country’s copyright law. Current law requires operators to cut off service to repeat hackers depending on the circumstances, as the words “reasonable” and “appropriate” are used in the law, and cutting off someone’s Internet is not in any situation.

In addition, they also put quite a bit of weight on operators, where operators also have to make minimal effort to prevent content that violates them. Copyright become available to users again. The industry has come to sue operators for not putting enough effort into preventing their users from hacking, although little operators can do about it.

The Subcommittee’s proposals also overlap with those of the United States Copyright Office. Therefore, the Subcommittee has sent a letter to the Office asking for advice on some key issues when it comes to amending the law.

Many people have been left without the Internet for hacking

Among those responses, the Copyright Office states that not all copyright infringements They are equal. It is not the same as a person constantly uploading movies to YouTube than the fact that a person uses a song in a video made by him. Therefore, it is important to analyze the type of crime and the way in which it has been committed.

And also, Internet disconnections are not always adequate, since it is not the same to close an account in a social network than to leave someone without the Internet, which has been practically a basic service for years. In addition, there are many areas of the United States where you can only contract the Internet with an operator, and that would mean leaving that person without Internet.

The Copyright Office proposes that it is better to slow down the Internet

Thus, the solution proposed by the Copyright Office is that it is preferable slow down speed or limit bandwidth that person before cutting off the Internet. Bandwidth limitation is already something that is done unfortunately across the country, and it is to be expected that connections like those of Starlink Help eliminate that scourge of the past, where some users can only use 300GB traffic or up to 1TB per month.

The letter, ultimately, benefits in some ways the entertainment industry, and operators and users in others. It is a fairly complex topic with complex solutions, but where cutting Internet users should never be an option; above all it is detrimental to the industry itself because those who download the most are more likely to pay for consuming other content.

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