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New medieval strategy game announced: Manor Lords

New medieval strategy game announced: Manor Lords

Manor Lords is an upcoming medieval strategy game to be released this year. Inspired by Banished and the Total War series, this game offers a mix of city building, strategy and big battles.

This game announcement apparently came out of nowhere, so a few people are talking and speculating online. Manor Lords comes from the Polish solo developer Slavic Magic

Slavic Magic promises a “gridless, organic urban building experience with full freedom of placement and rotation, but using snap tools to make planning more convenient”.

Exile meets total war

Players are already comparing Manor Lords to titles like Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Anno, Banished and Total War. It looks like a combination of realistic medieval town planning and strategy like being banished with great tactical battles as we would see it in a Total War game.

The trailer gives us an insight into the gameplay of urban construction, including placing buildings and building streets. Slavic Magic described the aspect of urban development as “deep, organic and realistic city building”.

The side of the city building has full freedom of placement and rotation with snap tools to make building easier. The construction mechanic is inspired by real medieval cities, where everything is built around the landscape or the main trade routes.

The realism of the game goes beyond great graphics. It refers to the historical representation of medieval Europe and the changes in weather and seasons. “The seasons pass, the weather changes, cities can rise and fall to war, illness or hunger.” Although it doesn’t happen in a particular century, buildings, weapons, and tools are influenced in Europe from the 11th to 15th centuries.

After this part of the trailer, we see a piece of the battlefield with companies of archers and swordsmen in a real-time strategy fight. Manor Lords aims to create realistic battles with morale, fatigue and weather, all of which contribute to how well your armies can work. They have to strategically position troops, build fortifications, manage the cavalry and besiege weapons.

It looks like an interesting comparison of the city building at the beginning. These things are all in the works right now. Slavic Magic, however, aims to have all of this in the endgame.

Release date for Manor Lords

Manor Lords is still under development, so a lot could change before we get our hands on it.

Manor Lords will launch on Steam in Early Access sometime in fall 2020. It is planned to stay in early access for 1-2 years. So it will be good to see how it goes next year or so.

Are you going to look for Manor Lords? Let us know what you think about the new trailer.

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