New Microsoft Fable Game Announced –

It has long been rumored that it is even called the worst-kept secret game project, but today it’s official, Microsoft is making a new fable. Developed by the British studio Playground Games, the team behind the brilliant Forza Horizon series, and for my money probably one of the most reliable studios in the entire Microsoft first-party stable. This change in genre marks a departure from the types of games they worked on for Microsoft before, but I’m excited to see how they see this popular action RPG series.

The announcement was very detailed. A pre-rendered trailer showed that the mix of a traditional fantasy setting and a lighthearted comedy twist for which the series is famous will actually return.

Playground Games have made a name for themselves by developing open-world games that come heavily from real places. So it will be interesting to see how they build a world that is more fiction than fact.

With the simple name “Fable” we are not quite sure whether it is a direct continuation of the existing Fable games, a kind of restart or something else. We are not sure if “Fable” is the full name or if a number or subtitle will be added at some point. Microsoft said this from the announcement “

“A fresh start for the legendary franchise. Explore a country with fantastic creatures and wondrous places. “

There is not much going on at the moment, but we will be looking for more news about this title as soon as it is available.

What is the new fable?

Microsoft has been cautious about details such as the release date. It’ll come on the Xbox Series X console and next generation PC, but we don’t know when. Microsoft has shown this as part of its Xbox Games Showcase and promises that they will be planning other similar live stream events for the rest of the year.

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