New mobile tariff surprises with favorable conditions

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After Funk and Fraenk comes Flex: Freenet wants to win new customers with a purely app-based offer. To start with, three tariffs are available in the Vodafone network that offer between 5 and 15 GB of monthly data volume. The necessary SIM card should arrive on the same day.

Freenet Flex: New app tariff started from 10 euros

After the Fraenk offers from Deutsche Telekom and Funk from Freenet, there is now another mobile phone tariff that is practically entirely in an app. Again it is Freenet who want to attract attention with Flex. Customers can choose between three packages containing 5, 10 or 15 GB of data volume in the Vodafone network. All three tariffs also offer an SMS and telephone flat rate. There are differences in speed.

While the smallest of the tariffs “Freenet Flex 5 GB” allows a maximum mobile transmission rate of 21 megabits per second, the more expensive tariffs “Freenet Flex 10 GB” and “Freenet Flex 15 GB” allow up to 50 megabits per second. However, no further differences between the tariffs can be found. If the volume is used up, it is throttled. For comparison: The connection with the provider Fraenk is cut immediately.

Since this is an app-based offer, there is no hotline in the event of problems, only support via WhatsApp. Payment is made exclusively via PayPal. Since there is no minimum contract period, you can cancel at the end of each month directly within the Freenet Flex app. Freenet states that the required SIM package “in the largest cities in Germany” arrives at the customer on the same day via Liefery. The connection price is in any case 10 euros – regardless of whether you take the old number with you or order a new one.

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Freenet Flex: More data volume than Fraenk

Freenet Flex and Fraenk from Deutsche Telekom are very similar, even if Flex offers more options. For the same price – 10 euros a month – Fraenk offers 4 GB and Flex 5 GB of monthly data volume. On the other hand, the maximum transmission rate for the Telekom offer is slightly higher compared to the smallest tariff from Flex.

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