New Movistar Fusion Selection Fiction, Fusion Starts and additional line

There came a time at Movistar FusiĆ³n that it seemed that football was the only important thing. However, little by little, the operator is becoming aware of the large number of customers who do not want or need football. These customers value other products such as movies or series more and do not want to make a large outlay for more complete packages that have a higher price for soccer. For this reason, today they are launched Fusion Initiates and Fusion Selection Fiction to complement the existing offer for those clients less interested in soccer but who want to keep other content on Movistar + television.

New additional line Prepaid 5

Before we get down to business with the new Fusion packages, we need to talk about the new Prepaid additional line 5 for clients with any type of Merger or with an Infinite Contract. This is the first additional prepaid line on the market and offers customers 5GB and 20 minute calls for 5 euros for 4 weeks. Movistar believes that it is an ideal option for those who want to control the expense and consumption of additional lines or for clients who are looking for a basic mobile first line with control of prepaid expenses for children or adolescents.

movistar fusion

Fusion Selection Fiction and Fusion Begins

As if this were not enough, Movistar has just added two new packages to the Fusion offer. These packages complete the proposal for clients less interested in soccer, giving this range of products more options so that all clients have only what they want to see. The two new packages are Fusion Selection Fiction and Fusion Initiates, including the following products:

Fusion Selection Fiction includes all the Movistar + Cinema and Series, Disney +, more than 80 channels of the Family package and Movistar + ‘s own production, as well as unlimited data, voice and SMS. On the mobile line we have unlimited calls and gigabytes on the main line as in almost all of the Merger contracts. The promotional price will be 50 euros per month for 6 months for both 600Mb fiber and ADSL and 100MB fiber.

Merger Starts it incorporates more than 80 channels of the Family package and the own production of Movistar +, as well as unlimited data, voice and SMS on the mobile line. The price is also 50 euros a month for 6 months. At the moment, we do not have the final price of the offers, although we will update the article as we can get it.

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