New NDR TV and online formats with Dr. Johannes Wimmer


He is one of the most sought-after medical professionals in Germany. The collaboration between the NDR and Dr. Johannes Wimmer is long. The first new format will start in a few days.

For many years he has been part of the health magazine “Visite”, in his series “Dr. Wimmer: Knowledge is the best medicine ”and is present on various other appearances on NDR television. When the Hamburg Dr. Johannes Wimmer talks about health, he does it with a lot of humor and so that everyone understands him. Now the NDR shows new formats with Dr. Johannes Wimmer – on TV and online.

For the NDR, the partnership with Dr. Johannes Wimmer is long-term and cross-media and part of the digital perspective of the NDR to address younger and online-savvy target groups on third-party platforms and in the ARD media library.

Dr. Johannes Wimmer on Tuesday, July 14, at 9 p.m. on NDR television with his new series “Dr. Wimmer: Knowledge is the best medicine – the talk ”. The physician and scientist welcomes prominent and surprising guests from various walks of life in his innovative round table. It’s about nasty ticks and mosquitoes, the overwhelming drug sugar, annoying neck pain – and everything that keeps us healthy and healthy. The group clears up strange misunderstandings or fatal errors and offers practical tips for everyday use.

Among them are NDR nutrition doc Anne Fleck, who rigorously clears up myths about losing weight; Klaus Baumgart by Klaus & Klaus and his wife, who reveal how they circumnavigate the cliffs of being different between women and men; and the well-known orthopedist Dr. Helge Riepenhof, who not only tackles professional athletes. In addition, there is the sought-after YouTuber Greta Silver, who feels too young for old age with her infectious zest for life and brings her instructions for happiness. The other broadcast dates: Tuesday, July 21, July 28 and August 4 at 9 p.m.

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