New Netflix package with soccer in France: € 29.90 per month

The prestigious newspaper L’Equipe It published yesterday that Netflix was going to broadcast Ligue 1 next season under an important agreement signed with the rights holder. In this case, there will be a total of eight matches in Ligue 1 and another eight in Ligue 2 each day. All this uncovered speculation about the distribution model, the quality of the content or the possible challenges of broadcasting live sport, an area in which many OTTs have failed.

Netflix will sell a package with a channel with soccer

The sports channel Telefoot It will be in charge of broadcasting those eight games in Ligue 1 and another eight in Ligue 2 every day, and not Netflix as it was rumored at first. What is going to happen is that both companies have reached an agreement to launch a promotional package that brings together the content of both at a special price.

Following these, Netflix and Telefoot launch a package with a price of 29.90 euros per month which includes the standard mode of Netflix with content in HD quality for two screens simultaneously along with the sports channel Telefoot. This offer is valid only for residents of France.

The separate price of these two offers is 11.99 euros to watch standard Netflix and 25.90 euros for access to the Telefoot pay channel, giving us a total of 37.89 euros. The joint offer of both companies allows us to save 8 euros per month. Of course, we will have to sign a commitment to remain 12 months.

This agreement signed in France can mark a before and after in the distribution of live sport through Netflix. We know that, for the moment, they are not considering their direct emission, but they can reach agreements with third parties to launch packages with special prices.

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