New PIP function of Movistar + to watch 2 channels at the same time

Movistar + television seeks to offer new functions that allow the client to find differential arguments against the competition. By the time they have just renewed the rights of the Champions League until the season 2023-2024, the blues have confirmed that their clients will have the expected possibility of watching two channels at the same time on Movistar +.

How to watch two channels at once in Movistar – PiP function

The Movistar + Picture in Picture (PiP) functionality allows you to watch two TV channels at the same time on the desco UHD, at the customer’s choice. One of the channels will be shown in full screen while the other will be shown in a small window that will appear in the upper right corner without audio. That is, the sound will be that of the main channel that is played in full screen.

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Picture in Picture (PiP) is being deployed from July 1 and will be available on July 7 to all Movistar + customers with the UHD decoder and TV by Movistar fiber optic. To activate, you must access the mini guide. There, scroll with the navigation keys and hover over the Picture in Picture (PiP) functionality icon, located to the right of the content information in broadcast, so that it appears “Pave channel” at the bottom of the screen. Finally, we will press OK and the tuned channel is fixed in the upper right corner.

This channel in floating window will be shown in SD quality or standard definition. Temporarily the name of the channel and the name of the program appear in the window, although it disappears after a few seconds. At any time we can exchange the window channel with the main channel by pressing the exchange channels icon.

All the channels Movistar have this function except:

  • 4K UHD channels (temporarily)
  • 0 Promotional M +
  • 29 Click Cinema
  • 44 Multisport
  • 100 Netflix
  • 111 Playboy
  • 220 Mosaic F1
  • 221 F1 multi-camera
  • 222 Multicamera F1
  • 223 F1 multi-camera
  • 224 F1 multi-camera
  • 225 Multi-camera F1
  • 226 F1 multi-camera

New channel Movistar Eventos

New channel that joins the Movistar + dial offer. For a few hours, the dial 166 It has become occupied by a new channel called Movistar Eventos. This channel, which is available in high definition, recovers a concept from the Canal + era with the use of PPV or pay per view for the broadcast of independent events. For now, it will be used to issue a single payment event.

movistar +

At this time, the possibility of buying the event is offered Epsom 2020 Derby in exchange for 5 euros and that will be broadcast on Saturday, July 4 at 17:00 live. This event is a horse race classified internationally as Group I, intended for horses and three-year-old thoroughbred mares, played at the Epsom Downs Racecourse in Epsom (Surrey).

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