New processors come much later

At Intel somehow the air seems to be out. During the presentation of the new quarterly figures, it was revealed that not everything is going according to plan at the chip manufacturer. AMD should be pleased about this, but investors and customers should not be very enthusiastic about it.


Delays at Intel: processors with 7 nm come much later

Intel publishes the current quarterly figures at regular intervals and gives its residents an outlook on the future of the company in the same breath. But it looks like Intel seems to have a few difficulties right now. The official press release shows that Intel’s plans to produce 7nm CPUs are significantly delayed:

“Production of the company’s 7nm-based CPU products is shifting about six months compared to previous expectations. The main driver is the poor yield of Intel’s 7nm process, which, according to the latest data, is now about twelve months behind the company’s internal goal. ”

The reason for the delay is the poorly developed production process for the chips. The production of the corresponding processors still seems to be anything but economical, so Intel has to make improvements. The first 7 nm processors from Intel are now expected in late 2022 / early 2023, as reported by Tom’s Hardware. For comparison: In the same period, the company TSMC, which produces chips for AMD, among other things, would like to have advanced its 3 nm process to market maturity.

AMD continues to put Intel under pressure – with great success:

According to Intel’s announcement: share price plummets

Investors seem to be less than enthusiastic about this news. Intel’s share price fell a whopping 11 percentage points within a very short time – to the delight of AMD. Here the share value increased somewhat, so that you are now trading higher on the stock exchange than Intel. It remains to be seen how Intel will recover from this heavy blow.

AMD, on the other hand, should expect a real gold shower in the course of the year. Not only will the new RDNA-2 graphics cards and Zen-3 processors still start in Q4, PS5 and Xbox Series X are also likely to throw a lot of money into the till – after all, the company provides a large part of the hardware for the systems.

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