New product bought completely empty – now prices are climbing rapidly

Image source: Lidl Switzerland

What is going on at Lidl? The Aldi competitor landed a real sensational success these days that nobody had expected. Customers literally fight for a new product and buy it empty. GIGA explains the background of the story.


At the beginning of July 2020, the large German discounter Lidl surprised its own customers with a limited Lidl fan collection. You could buy sneakers, flip-flops, socks and shirts online. Everything under the own brand “Livergy”, brightly colored in the Lidl brand colors, with logo and at expected human prices. For example, the sneakers only cost 19.49 euros, the bathing mules no 7 euros and the socks are available for less than 2 euros. However, the question arose: Who wants to run around as an advertising mascot for Lidl and even end up spending money on it?

Lidl customers buy sneakers etc. empty

As it turned out, lots of people. The Lidl customers literally went nuts, grabbed it and bought the warehouse empty. At the moment there are only a few women’s shirts and women’s socks in the Lidl online shop, the rest is sold out and will not come back so quickly. After all, Lidl speaks of a limited collection. You can’t just reproduce them if you don’t want to lose credibility. The top dogs Adidas, Puma and Nike know the game. Your limited sneakers are really only available in limited quantities and subsequently reach staggering prices.

Already sold out at Lidl in Germany, now the prices on eBay are rising:

Speaking of which: an increase in prices is almost like an explosion in those products of the Lidl fan collection, especially for the flip-flops and sneakers you have to put on eBay a lot more. Sometimes 60, 70 euros are sometimes required for the sneakers. If you’re lucky, you can get them for a little over 30 euros. And the flip-flops also want to be paid well over 20 euros. All in all a nice and maybe also wanted price increase. Who would have thought that a discounter would mutate into a sought-after fashion brand?

Sneakers are also extremely popular in gamer circles:

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Lidl campaign: There are also sneakers in the neighboring country

Tip: If you don’t want to pay that much and live near the Swiss border, you could also try a trip to one of the Swiss branches of the discounter. The sneakers have been on offer there since July 16. Cost: 14.99 Swiss Francs, which corresponds to about 14 euros – even cheaper than in Germany. As I said, it is still uncertain whether or when there will be a new edition in this country. However, Lidl already demonstrated that “limited” is not necessarily carved in concrete with the sneakers mentioned. Originally, they were there last year – but not to buy, but only to be won with a quantity of 400. In this respect: the hope of another edition dies last.

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