new rates in August 2020 with double gigs

The Habla 6 rate, the only one that does not have data, remains the same with calls at 6 cents per minute for 0 euros per month, paying only what we speak. However, the other rates are forever improved.

Movistar’s three prepaid rates, now with more minutes and gigabytes

First, we have the tariff Prepaid 5, which until now had 5 GB and 20 minutes (10 GB and 20 minutes with the temporary upgrade), for a price of 10 euros for 4 weeks. Now, this rate will have 40 minutes and 7 GB of data.

The rate Prepaid 7, which now offered 7 GB and 40 minutes (14 GB and 40 minutes with the temporary upgrade) for 15 euros for 4 weeks, will now have 100 minutes and 15 GB of data keeping the price.

Finally, the rate Prepaid 15, which now offered 15 GB and 80 minutes (30 GB and 80 minutes with the temporary upgrade) for 20 euros at 4 weeks, will now have 150 minutes and 25 GB for the same price.

Therefore, it is to be expected that the rates will change their name once they come into force from next September 15 to adjust to the new gigs they offer, being able to choose between 7, 15 and 25.

Prepaid does not stop falling in Spain

The market is increasingly looking for cheaper rates, mainly due to the crisis we are currently experiencing caused by the coronavirus. Although the new prepaid rates from Movistar They are not the cheapest on the market, they are more competitive than before. Other operators such as Lycamobile or Simyo offer more gigabytes or unlimited calls in the same price range.

Until last June, Movistar had just over 1 million prepaid customers, which is a modality that does not stop falling into customers in Spain due to the fact that the contract rates are increasingly cheaper, and in the end the prepaid balance is refilled automatically for many customers, so in the end it behaves like a contract fee, with the disadvantage that billing is every 4 weeks and not every full month.

Between June 2019 and June 2020, Movistar has lost 246,000 prepaid customers, while it has won 333,000 contracts. 5 years ago, they had 3 million prepaid customers. Thus, in Spain, as of March 2020, there are 54.5 million mobile lines, where 10.2 are prepaid. In January 2015, the prepaid figure was 14.3 million card lines.

Orange and Tuenti recently renewed prepaid

In recent weeks, other operators have also improved prepaid rates, where Tuenti has leveled conditions between contract and prepaid customers, with an interesting rate of 6 GB and unlimited calls for 9.95 euros per month, competing almost directly with that of Movistar, which has 7 GB and 40 minutes of calls for the same price. Orange, for its part, renewed its Go Walk, Run and Fly with more gigs and a direct competition with those of Movistar, with the incentive that they give extra gigs when hiring. The Go Walk, with 6 GB of data (+10 GB free) and 500 minutes, costs 9.95 euros per month.

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