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New router update is on its way

New router update is on its way

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The manufacturer AVM is currently distributing a new update. Now it is the turn of the Fritzbox 6590 Cable and Fritzbox 6490 Cable routers. The update now published is the last step before FritzOS 7.20 comes on the devices. Other routers have already received the update.


Fritzbox: Laboratory update for two routers

The goal has almost been reached: the new laboratory update for the Fritzbox 6590 Cable and Fritzbox 6490 Cable clears the way for the upcoming major update to FritzOS 7.20, which will give AVM routers many new functions. The now distributed update is accordingly only a small update in which tiny bugs have been ironed out.

The AVM laboratory updates are basically beta versions that are made available to interested users before the final updates are then distributed to all customers. The Fritzbox 6660 Cable had recently been missed such a beta update after the Fritzbox 6890 LTE and the Fritzbox 6591 Cable had already been supplied. The final FritzOS 7.20 has so far only made it to two routers (7590 and 7530). The Fritz Repeater 2400 WLAN repeater is also supplied with the latest version of the firmware.

Fritzbox: FritzOS 7.20 within reach

In mid-July 2020, the German manufacturer AVM started distributing FritzOS 7.20. In addition to the two models mentioned, the Fritzbox 7530 will soon receive the update.

FritzOS 7.20 brings many innovations that are not only useful for real experts. As soon as the update is made available, it should be installed. The WPA3 security standard is supported for the first time in FritzOS 7.20, as long as the connected devices are also WPA3-capable. This is already the case with the latest versions of the (mobile) operating systems.

In the video: How to get more out of the Fritzbox.

VPN connections should become safer and more stable with the update to FritzOS 7.20. It does not matter whether the VPN connection was created externally or directly on the Fritzbox itself. Under certain circumstances, the WLAN itself can also become faster with mesh steering. Here, the system switches to another WLAN frequency band if the position of the cell phone, tablet or notebook changes.

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