New smartphone should shock the world

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Xiaomi is taking the next step: The Chinese manufacturer is said to be working on a smartphone that will “shock the world”. Analysts already have a guess as to what exactly it is. If this proves to be true, Xiaomi would risk a lot.


Notch or camera hole: Smartphones with no interruption in the display have become a real rarity. The desire for ever larger screens with narrow housing dimensions has so far forced manufacturers to choose between these features. Xiaomi could now show an alternative.

Xiaomi M10 Ultra: First smartphone with an in-display camera

According to the well-known and well-networked insider Ice Universe, the company is to take a completely new path with the Mi 10 Ultra: “The Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra will shock the world”, it says somewhat cryptically in the tweet. The leak expert, however, leaves open what exactly is meant by this.

However, Ross Young, an analyst at DisplaySearch with more than 25 years of experience in the industry, thinks he knows what feature it is: the in-display camera. This type of front camera is installed under the screen and is only visible when a selfie is taken – in normal use it is practically invisible, so a notch or camera hole is not necessary. Xiaomi has been experimenting with this technology for a long time, but has so far been on the brakes because development work is still necessary.

Why the cameras in smartphones have become so good:

Xiaomi takes the risk: the in-display camera has to work perfectly

Expert Young sees it similarly. According to him, the production volume of the Xiaomi smartphone with an in-display camera should be “shockingly” low and it is more or less a demo product. For Xiaomi, there is still a certain risk associated with this: Even if only a few devices of the Mi 10 Ultra are produced, the in-display camera must work perfectly and produce results similar to regular selfie cameras. Anything else would amount to a PR debacle.

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