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New start date for Arab Mars mission

New start date for Arab Mars mission

© NASA / Greg Shiral
© NASA / Greg Shiral

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is the first Arab nation to send a probe from Mars to Japan next week. The goal is to study the planet’s atmosphere.

After the launch of the Japanese launch vehicle had to be postponed this week due to bad weather, the Japanese Mitsubishi group responsible for the launch announced Friday as the new launch date Monday next week. The H2A rocket is expected to launch in the early morning (local time) from the southern Japanese space center on Tanegashima Island. In February 2021, the probe is scheduled to reach orbit around the Red Planet after seven months.

The aim of the mission was to capture the first complete picture of the Martian climate over a complete Martian year, the Emirates Mars Mission (EMM) had previously announced. The 1350 kilogram spacecraft is supposed to observe the atmosphere, weather changes and the changing of the seasons, among other things. The Mars mission should not only bring scientific knowledge, but also have a positive impact on the economy and education of the UAE. The Emirates want to become more independent of oil. The Mars mission is entitled “Al-Amal” (hope)

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  • Mars space travel: © NASA / Greg Shiral

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