New streaming prices: Sky is finally learning

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The marriage of the entertainment and cinema content areas creates an attractive bundle of programs for Sky Ticket – and this is offered at a relatively low price. It is high time for this, because otherwise the great competition among the streaming providers will finally pull away.

In the sports sector, pay-TV provider Sky has parked its hobby horses – with Bundesliga football, Champions League and Formula 1 as draft horses, the company can continue to retain sports fans willing to pay. While on the one hand the exclusive deal for the future broadcast rights of Formula 1 was able to set a decent fragrance brand, the distribution of the Bundesliga games will shift significantly in the foreseeable future towards the streaming competitor DAZN. Even if Sky is still allowed to show more games than the online rival, soon a substantial part of the games will no longer be shown in full length by the pay TV provider.

So it is understandable in perspective that Sky wants to further manifest its presence in the entertainment sector, far from live sports and linear broadcast content – not only for long-term subscribers with long contract terms, but also for the streaming audience. The latter gets access to countless series and films from the top dogs on the relevant market, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, for less than 10 euros a month, playable on almost any digital device. Last but not least, the rather young audience appreciates the monthly cancellability of the memberships – so there is cheap entertainment without long commitments that can be called up almost anywhere. Sky, however, took a comparatively long time to launch more modern streaming packages in addition to the long-term contracts that looked old – and then they were anything but cheap compared to the international competition.

With the production of more and more original formats like “Das Boot” and “Der Pass”, the pay-TV provider did not advance, but ultimately only followed suit: after all, Netflix and Amazon have been producing countless new contents using the assembly line process for years. It is also unlikely, given today’s viewing habits, that the – admittedly high-quality – license content such as “Game of Thrones” and “Westworld” in the portfolio of Sky will cause a bingewatching-conditioned streaming audience to remain loyal for a long time. The move to a combination offer of films and series at a price of around 15 euros is the first recognizable attempt to earn serious attention on the terrain for customers that the international streaming market leaders have staked out – the cost-effective combination of license content that can be canceled at short notice and original productions have long been popular there.

However, the streaming competition for Sky does not get any more comfortable with the new price model. With AppleTV + and Disney +, two more services from global corporations have finally landed on the market that claim their piece of the cake. In the general price comparison, Sky with its new content combination offer is still at the top – but no longer runs out of competition in a negative sense. So it has to be seen whether the bill works in the current form: Perhaps further adjustments will be necessary to survive the competitive prices of Disney and Amazon.

One thing is certain: The new entertainment bundle from Sky is a necessary step in the right direction and is certainly much more attractive to the streaming audience than the previous model. With a further influx of high-quality original productions and prices in the competitive spectrum, Sky should appear on the map for so many potential customers who probably would not have considered a subscription before.

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