new trick to have 7 days trial without paying

Netflix currently offers 30 day free trial in countries like Germany, Switzerland, Czech Republic or your United States native. However, in most they don’t offer it anymore, as is the case with Spain, France, the Netherlands, Canada, the United Kingdom or Poland. The company will have its reasons for having done it, such as that some users were abusing it, or that people know the platform well enough that they do not need to test it before subscribing.

Netflix allows canceling within 7 days in Spain

However, for a few weeks, Netflix has offered a different message in Spain that we cannot find on the cover of other countries. When we enter, we see a message that says “You will love Netflix! If that is not the case, cancel within 7 days and we’ll refund your money. “

netflix cover cancel 7 days

This policy is very similar to the free month, but instead of paying nothing during the first test, Netflix now forces us to subscribe and pay to start using it, although in exchange for returning the money if we are not satisfied at seven days. This free cancellation allows people to try the platform for a week, and helps prevent abuse by users looking to chain free months.

The right to cancel does not appear in the terms of use

Interestingly, withdrawal is not something contemplated in the terms of use of Netflix. They detail that “Netflix subscriptions can start with a free trial, the duration of which is specified at the time of signing up”, and that at the end of the trial period “they will charge the subscription fee for the next billing period if you have not canceled before the end of the test ‘.

In section cancellation We see that “Netflix can be canceled at any time, and that it will continue to have access until the billing period ends. However, it is specified below that «payments are non-refundable and we do not provide refunds or credits for partial monthly subscription periods or for non-watched Netflix content », which contradicts what is on the cover, so these terms may still have to be updated.

Currently, the only possibility to watch Netflix for free is through operators, where Orange and Movistar offer free months in some of their rates. Disney + also decided to stop offering the 7-day free trial on its platform last June. Thus, like Netflix, it is necessary to pay from the beginning. This type of test ceases to make sense once the majority of users have already been able to test the platforms, and whose penetration in our country is very wide, together with the fact that it is possible to cancel it at any time if the user is not satisfied.

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