New TV breaks all limits

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When is a TV “big” for you? From 65, 75 or maybe even from 88 inches? If this is still too small for you, you should take a look at the new Monster TV from LG. In addition to a huge display, this also offers a completely new display technology that has it all.

LG Electronics

New micro-LED TV from LG: giant TV measures a whopping 163 inches

In recent years, not only smartphone screens, but also TV displays have grown. If you are now looking for a new telly for the living room, you will most likely no longer pay any attention to the models with a screen size below 55 inches. If you have the space – and the necessary change – you can even put an 88-inch model in front of the couch.

But even this model looks almost puny against the new giant TV from LG. The LSAB009 offers a screen diagonal of a whopping 163 inches, the equivalent of around 4.16 meters. But that’s not the only thing that should make TV enthusiasts wide-eyed. Because, as PCGamesHardware reports, micro-LED technology is used in the new giant television.

Compared to OLEDs, micro LEDs have a significantly longer lifespan. In other words, you no longer have to fear burn-in effects. In addition, micro LEDs can shine much brighter than OLEDs, without having to lose the advantage of high contrast values. The LG TV reaches a peak brightness of 1,200 cd / m² and a contrast value of 100,000: 1.

Samsung’s monster television with the code name “The Wall” also uses micro-LED:

Micro LED TV from LG: resolution and availability

Despite the immense size, the resolution of the entire display with 4K is relatively frugal. As a result, the distance between the individual pixels is around 0.9 millimeters. So you shouldn’t sit too close to the mega-telly.

Although LG has not yet announced an official retail price, the first models are expected to be delivered in mid-August. In any case, the purchase should not be cheap. The model is clearly aimed at business customers, prices of more than 200,000 euros are quite conceivable. For potential private customers, the question sometimes arises: am I buying a house now? Or would you prefer a new television?

If there is any new information about the giant TV from LG, we will let you know.

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