New update makes horses "hollow"

The horses in Red Dead Online show a rather strange behavior since the latest update. Maybe the game got an upgrade, but the horses got a downgrade.

Red Dead Redemption 2

With the Naturalist update for Red Dead Online, humans and nature should come closer, but a deficiency in the game’s wildlife was revealed. Most of all, the horses seem to lack IQAt the moment they are acting more than stupidly.

What was briefly mistaken for a bug turned out to be a much more serious problem with a look at Reddit. The horses ignore players, constantly fall over objects and also fly from time to time. The first few times are really funny, but in the long run it is very annoying.

For example, this specimen is no longer able to jump over a fence:

Other horses lost their will to live with their IQ:

But some of the horses simply disappear into nowhere and simply leave their rider in the lurch. This poor cowboy stands there without a horse in the middle of an exchange of fire:

So the latest update didn’t do the horses very good. Some players suspect something bigger behind this. They believe Rockstar plans to introduce equipment for the horses that will improve the animals. So that players invest a lot of playing time for this equipment, Rockstar is said to want to create an incentive for it through the “IQ-Nerf” of the animals.

Whatever happened to the horses, they should go back to school.

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