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New update makes WiFi faster

by Tejas Dhawan

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Owners of a Fritz repeater can be happy: A new software update is now available that can make the extended WLAN even faster. The new laboratory update is also impressive.


FritzRepeater: New update is ready

Via its Fritz laboratory, manufacturer AVM has presented a new update for several Fritz repeater models. It is now available for the Repeaters 3000, 2400, 1200, 600, 1750E and can be downloaded. The FritzRepeater 600 was previously missing from the list.

As always, laboratory updates are preview versions that are only later distributed to the general public. Accordingly, minor errors are to be expected, just like with other beta versions. The final version of FritzOS 7.20 is already in the starting blocks, a release is also expected soon.

The update may improve the WLAN speed of the network expansion. This is ensured by mesh steering, in which the software regularly checks whether WLAN performance can improve. This makes sense especially for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, which are not always in the same place. Sometimes the WLAN frequency band is changed automatically when changing position in order to optimize the connection between router, repeater and end device.

In addition, the update makes WPA3 fit, which replaces the old security standard WPA2. To be able to use WPA3, the installed operating system must be up to date. Android only understands the more secure WPA3 from version 10.

Especially for the repeater, there is now also an automatic detection and setup of the operating mode, i.e. it is recognized whether the device is used as a WLAN repeater or as a LAN bridge. Problems with the activation of WLAN guest access have also been eliminated. Base stations with a hidden SSID are no longer displayed.

There are many tips for Fritz boxes here in our video:

FritzRepeater 600 on sale at Amazon

The FritzRepeater 600 is actually available for 49.00 euros, but the price on Amazon has been reduced to 36.49 euros. For this sum there is a WLAN repeater that supports a speed of up to 600 megabits per second. The device is set up at the push of a button via WPS, and the range amplifier only needs to be plugged into the socket.

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