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Nobody is aware that the Xiaomi Mi Band are not updated as frequently as their mobile devices. For this reason, when the firm launches a new software version for these wearables, we look carefully to see if any notable new features have been added. Today we have to give good news, since the last update for the Mi Band 5 adds an important novelty related to sport modes, although the Mi Band 4 is not left out of the news.

The Mi Band 5 was first presented in China and that makes have already received updates. However, the bracelet has come somewhat more mature to the global market. Remember that the function that allows you to use the bracelet as a shutter for the camera, came in the form of a patch in China, but it is a native function in the global Mi Band 5. However, it is clear that the arrival of new functions that affect only the Mi Band 5, is something that further increases the difference between the two bracelets.

Automatic sport detection

Now, the Mi Band 5 gets the new firmware version that adds two important new features. The first one allows automatically detect the sport the user is doingIn this way, the bracelet can know that a certain movement of the arms belongs to a specific sport and automatically change the exercise mode. This prevents the user from forgetting to change manually, when, for example, he has just finished running and takes the bike or vice versa. This function is not something new and has been implemented by other wearables such as the Huawei Watch GT 2. It is therefore good news that Xiaomi has taken note and implanted it in the new Mi Band 5.

mi band 5 and 4 update

Clock faces and battery percentage

Other new features now allow you to press and hold the watch faces to configure them. Also, both the Mi Band 5 and the Mi Band 4 will now have the new battery percentage indicator for watch faces. For all these news to take effect, it is necessary to update the Mi Fit app to the latest version available. The version of the app that applies these changes is 4.4.0, although it may take a little longer to update on Google Play in one country compared to others. However if you are in a hurry to try these news and do not want to wait, you can always download the apk with the latest version of Mi Fit from this link.

Written by David Girao

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