New WiFi in Air Europa plane: prices, limitations and services

The dream of having free WiFi on the plane is getting further and further. Few companies maintain this service for free (Norwegian, Emirates Airlines, Delta Airlines or Air France) at least for a very basic use of the services. However, the norm is usually to charge for services and now we know a new way to do it. Instead of limiting by time or volume of data consumed, Air Europa will charge 3 euros to use WhatsApp in the Chat mode, 8 euros in the mode that allows you to surf the Internet or email and 12 in the most complete (that on short flights, on long flights we will pay up to 30 euros).

Paying 30 euros to connect to the Internet may seem normal and even cheap if we think about connecting our house for a whole month. However, this is what Air Europa’s most comprehensive fare will cost for long-haul flights. Although it can seem like an exorbitant priceThe truth is that it is more common than we think. The great novelty of this airline is to offer unlimited data in time and volume in exchange for restricting compatible services.

Chat, Chat and Surf or Chat and Surf Plus, the new WiFi rates

Air Europea revolutionizes its Internet connection bonuses. Starting tomorrow, the entire Dreamliner and Airbus 330 fleet, as well as the new Boeing 737-800 aircraft for the short and medium radius, will have this new service available. In total, three passes have been created such as Chat, Chat and Surf, Chat and Surf Plus, according to the volume of navigation required by the passenger. Prices range between 3 and 12 euros on short flights and 5 and 30 euros on long distance.

Panasonic is the company responsible for the service. To activate WiFi, simply connect to the WiFi network “Aireuropaontheair”, open the Internet browser and select the WiFi connection plan that we need. Wi-Fi service is available on all planes that make long-haul flights, although it is only available on six Air Europa planes that carry short-haul flights. Their license plates end in: MPG, MPS, MQP, MUZ, MVY or MXM.

air europa wifi

The prices to use WiFi on the plane are the following:

Short distance

  • Chat – 3 euros
  • Chat and Surf – 8 euros
  • Chat and Surf Plus – 12 euros

Long distance

  • Chat – 5 euros
  • Chat and Surf – 15 euros
  • Chat and Surf Plus – 30 euros

What do you think about the prices of Air Europa?

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