News and changes with the Android 11 Beta 2 update


With each new Android 11 update In its beta version we can see changes and adaptations that correct failures, all focused on getting the system to work as it should for the final version, which has been leaked that could be presented on September 8. This time we know Beta 2 and until the final version arrives we will tell you all the significant changes.

In case you have a Google Pixel we remind you of the possibility of enjoying and installing the Android 11 beta in a simple and uncomplicated way. Although the system is a beta with things to polish, it is capable of performing and giving the best result. We will show you all changes we find from the first version to this more mature beta.

Shortcuts shrink in Android 11 Beta 2

We went to find a panel very similar to Android 10 to a large change that reduces the size of the notification panel. Although you still keep the settings button or the edit pencil in addition to the second curtain by just sliding, this change is a before and after. Quick access to brightness is also kept in the same position.

notifications android 11 beta

Full integration of multimedia content

This change has been made for a clear reason and is the integration with the intelligent options of the system. We could already see that Android 11 would integrate multimedia playback in this panel, something that is completed with new services that have already been updated, for example Spotify. Now sliding the panel full of shortcuts there will still be room to see the player controls.

multimedia android 11

A quick access to devices in Android 11 Beta 2 where we want to listen to the music, which allows us to touch the button and it will open a quick access to the volume with the possibility of adding new devices, with the option of changing where we want to play it.

The screen recorder is complete

Previously, when we started to use the new option to record screen in Android 11, we only had the option to capture the sound from the microphone, something that has now been changed. With the new beta of Android 11 We can choose if we want the sound to come from the smartphone itself, from the microphone or from both at the same time.

record screen android 11 beta

Android 11’s share menu becomes easier

When we tap on the share button of Android 10 we find a real chaos that can make us spend hours and hours looking for the option we want. With Android 11 in its first beta we could apply these accesses but now all the apps are also integrated. With this we get to touch on applications and find all the options of each application.

share android 11 beta

Multitasking options are corrected

With the first version of Android 11 we saw a serious problem in its multitasking options, the buttons overlap as we can see in the image on the left. Now with this new beta has corrected the error just by removing the share button. To share the image we will have to touch on the capture and automatically afterwards we can share it.

multitasking android 11 beta

Chat bubbles are getting better

One of the novelties that is giving the most to talk among Android 11 changes continue to outline details. Now when we use the chat bubbles and we access an app that uses the entire screen, such as images with content on social networks or content playback, the bubbles hide to let us take advantage of the entire front.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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