news and first alpha to download

Kodi 18.8 was released on July 29, fixing some bugs related to subtitles, compatibility with libraries, and solving other minor bugs. The original version 18 was released at the end of January 2019, and more than a year and a half later, we can enjoy the new functions that finally arrive at the program.

Kodi 19 Matrix: first alpha now available for download

In the field of audio and music, multiple CD handling, additional metadata, album dates, setting to put full screen display while playing music, and a new Matrix-based display mode that can be installed from optional way. Kodi claims that they have put a lot of care to make it work well even on less powerful devices.

As to video, we found one of the most interesting new features: the AV1 codec decoding support by software. There is still no hardware that decodes it efficiently natively because it is not finished, but from now on we will be able to reproduce it through software on powerful devices.

In the subtitles, we find a new option that allows us to change the opacity of the subtitles, in addition to a new dark gray color for the text.

The Estuary interface also receives new features, such as a new window to view music in full screen to show fanart or visualizations without color overlays. We will also see more information about the music we play, and we will see a new visualization to see what content we are playing at all times.

Each platform has also received specific news. In the case of iOS, in the games section, we can now use Bluetooth controls on Kodi for iOS, including those for Xbox and PlayStation. We can also see the free space of the device.

Support for HDR10 on Windows and Android is also added

On Windows and Android, support for HDR10 static for any font type, as long as the GPU or device supports it. On Android, support for Dolby Vision has also been added for streaming on compatible HDR devices.

In the PVR system for playing TV and radio channels there are also new improvements, such as reminders, grouping channels in the interface, new options to sort channels or recordings by size, etc.

Goodbye to old addons written under Python 2

Finally, Kodi 19 stops using Python 2, and all the Kodi addons that we are going to use from this version have to be written with Python 3. If you have an addon made under Python 2, and you update, you will not be able to use it, although it will be activated again when the developer releases a new compatible version.

The first Alpha version of Kodi 19 Matrix can be downloaded from this link now, although it may still have some stability problems.

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