News VOD 27/20: 'Onward', the latest from Pixar comes to Disney +

VOD news brings you the best releases of the week on Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video … And it can be seen that we are entering the summer and that the holidays of many are just around the corner, because there are launches at great cost. And we highlight the one of Onward because the little ones go first.

Disney +

Disney + continues to publish a few releases, but as is the norm, every so often it releases its latest films to watch on streaming, as he did a few weeks ago with Artemis Fowl and as it does now with Onward. And practically nothing newer has to offer.


Onward It is the highlight that has arrived at Disney + this week, and that is that as we have advanced, it is the last animated film by Pixar. It was released last March in theaters and considering the one that fell in the middle of that month, surely there are many who have not yet seen this fantastic story in which two elf brothers will have to launch into adventure to try to recover their father … or part of him. Onward Not the best Pixar has produced judging by the reviews, but entertainment is guaranteed, so …

More exclusive content:

  • Hamilton. “The filmed version of the hit musical ‘Hamilton’ combines the best of live theater and filmmaking in an amazing mix of hiphop, jazz, R&B and musical comedy.”

New chapters:

  • Marvel’s Hero Project (T1)
  • One Day at Disney (T1)

Enter catalog:

  • Extreme rescue (T1-T3)
  • Animal emergencies (T1-T2)


Netflix recovers the lost camber and floods its proposal for this week with original and exclusive content, although, as usual, quantity does not equal quality. But there are things for all audiences and also keep an eye on what comes into the catalog, that there are several classics that you can see once again.

The warrior nun

The most outstanding premiere of the week, or at least one of the few that they are promoting is the one of The war nun, a fantastic new series based on a comic whose title already points you in the direction it is going. As you watch the trailer the smell of rehash will assail you, but surprising as it may seem, critics are receiving it positively. Diverse teenagers and warriors against demons, would be the summary.

The Cable Girls

We make a second gap to another series starring not teenagers, but women, and that is that The Cable Girls, the first and longest-running Spanish series on Netflix closes with its sixth and final season.

More exclusive content:

  • Catch that email. “After getting drunk and sending an embarrassing email, a hopeless romantic travels to Mexico with her friends to delete it before the recipient reads it.”
  • Under Riccione’s sun. “On vacation on the beaches of Riccione, some teenagers become friends and help each other deal with romantic relationships and summer love affairs.”
  • Deadwind (T2). “A few months after suffering a tragic loss, Inspector Sofia Karppi investigates the murder of a woman linked to a construction company in Helsinki.”
  • Tell him yes (T1). “In this reality show, couples overcome all obstacles to celebrate their love at dream surprise weddings, designed by three experts in less than a week.”
  • Wild district (T2). “After surrendering to the Bogotá police, a former guerrilla escapes prison by investigating incognito an implacable black hand responsible for government corruption.”
  • The Kangaroo Club(T1). “This modern adaptation of the famous Ann M. Martin books tells of the adventures of five close friends and their childcare business.”
  • George Lopez: We’ll Do It For Half. “Comedian George Lopez talks about the future and past of Latino culture in the US, and addresses issues such as immigration, his relatives, and getting older, among others.”
  • Homemade (T1). “During confinement on COVID-19, acclaimed filmmakers from different countries channel their creativity through this collection of shorts from various genres.”
  • JU-ON: Origins (T1). »An expert in paranormal events tirelessly searches for a cursed house where a mother and her son lived something horrible a long time ago.»
  • Survival kit (T1). “The BattlBox team tests items designed to help people survive dangerous situations such as explosions, natural disasters, and violent attacks.”
  • The mystical terrace (T1). «A young man with a unique gift begins to work for the multicentennial owner of a bar that solves the emotional problems of her clients by sneaking into her dreams.»
  • Unsolved mysteries(T1). “This engrossing version of the legendary documentary series features real cases of unexplained disappearances, gruesome murders, and paranormal encounters.”
  • Thiago Ventura: POKAS. «In this special, Thiago Ventura jokes, among other things, about social issues and his childhood in a poor neighborhood. Furthermore, he claims that an action is worth a thousand words. “

Enter catalog:

  • Adu
  • Billy Madison
  • BNA (T1)
  • Life imprisonment
  • Chavela
  • Cleo & Cuquin (T2)
  • Das Boot – The Submarine
  • Total challenge
  • Sweet money
  • The punishment
  • The wolf of Wall Street
  • The first knight
  • The silence of others
  • Death wagon
  • In the eye of the hurricane
  • Essence of woman
  • Wrath of the Titans
  • Table football
  • Hitting the Apex
  • iZombie (T5)
  • Kasanova
  • Kung Fu Panda 3
  • The Age of Innocence
  • The endless story
  • The fuck list
  • My private Idaho
  • Ouija: The origin of evil
  • patch Adams
  • Power Rangers Beast Morphers (T1)
  • Hidden trail
  • Riaad Moosa: Life Begins
  • RocknRolla
  • Teen Titans Go! (T5)
  • Terminator 2: The Last Judgment
  • Troll Hunter
  • You, me and now … Dupree
  • Twister
  • What a patrol!

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video is also presented with a couple of own releases under the arm, including a new Spanish original series shot during the confinement, although to highlight, we highlight its international launch. Well, and more than usual if cable, lots of movies and some complete series accounts that are added to the catalog, so check the list carefully.


Hanna It is another series with a teenage protagonist, but nothing to do with nuns. This one gives hosts like bread and from the looks of it, will continue to do so in its second season.

More exclusive content:

  • End-to-two stories(T1). “Shot during the confinement by the actors themselves in their homes, End-to-two stories is a series made up of self-contained stories ranging from romantic comedy to drama, to horror or thriller. »

Enter catalog:

  • For all
  • About to arrive
  • Goodbye to arms
  • Goodbye to my honeymoon
  • Special agent
  • Howling
  • Álex O´Dogherty and the Bizarrería
  • Love at first sight
  • Animal 2
  • Based on real events
  • Royal weddings
  • Champion of Champions
  • Comic central (T5-T8)
  • Charade
  • Hearts at war
  • When we were soldiers
  • When the day dies
  • Outstanding account
  • D’Artacan and the three musketeers (T1)
  • Again love
  • Dexter (Complete series)
  • Discovering Italia – Lazio
  • Discovering Italy – Sicily
  • Discovering Italia – Umbria
  • Love is a perfect crime
  • The Angel and the Gunman
  • The red desert
  • The end of comedy (T1-T2)
  • The outlaw
  • The general died at dawn
  • The man with the golden arm
  • The hotel
  • The Jungle Book
  • Devil’s parking
  • The people against Enrique San Francisco
  • Bruce Willis’ Roast
  • David Hasselholf’s Roast
  • Donald Trump’s Roast
  • The Roast of Greater Wyoming
  • The Roast of Jose Mota
  • Justin Bieber’s Roast
  • Rob Lowe’s Roast
  • The Roast de Santiago Segura: friends of the just
  • The southerner
  • The third man
  • The horror
  • In the line of the enemy
  • Termini Station
  • Fast & Furious 6
  • Fast & Furious 7
  • Brittle
  • Brute force
  • Wrath of the Titans
  • Giulietta of the spirits
  • Glee (Complete series)
  • Heidi
  • History of a city (Homecoming)
  • Manhattan Stories
  • Indomitable
  • Intrigue in Cape Town
  • J. J. Vaquero: Father, Daughter and Holy Spirit
  • Juan Nobody
  • Spy game
  • Kaidan
  • The devil’s mockery
  • The black box
  • La dolce vita
  • The Toolbox Massacre
  • The rogue night
  • The night of the Living Dead
  • The little shop of horrors
  • Comedy Central Nights from Alicante
  • Comedy Central Nights from Vigo
  • Comedy Central Nights: The Last Scream
  • Comedy Central Nights: Jovellanos Theater
  • Musical chairs
  • The masters of the night
  • The giants of the forest
  • The children of San Judas
  • The last days of Patton
  • Mad Men (Complete series)
  • Mamma Rome
  • Pets in space
  • My dog ​​is a detective
  • Arctic Mission
  • Modern Family (Complete series)
  • Riot
  • Death to Salazar
  • Do not look down
  • UFOs in Zacapa
  • Perversity
  • Prison Break (Complete series)
  • Daggers in the back
  • Ricardo III
  • Sex ed
  • Sin City
  • Land of blood
  • Tulsa
  • Last round
  • Umberto D.
  • A friend for Frank
  • A Secret World
  • A date for summer
  • Villaviciosa
  • Walker payne
  • Yamakasi
  • Yaroslav, the Lord of Steel


HBO is resting this week, after the last premiered a couple of series and although it includes a couple of things, they are from third parties. As third parties are some of the classics that it adds to the catalog, which is almost more than appreciated.

More exclusive content:

  • The faceless assassin (T1). “Six-episode documentary based on Michelle McNamara’s bestselling novel that chronicles the search for the violent sexual predator she nicknamed” the Golden State Killer. “
  • Trigonometry (T1). “It is not the usual love triangle. In crowded and expensive London, a short couple of money opens their small apartment to a third person. »

New chapters:

  • Axios (T3)
  • Doom patrol (T2)
  • The undeniable truth (T1)
  • The luminaires (T1)
  • Perry Mason (T1)
  • I could destroy you (T1)
  • Stargirl (T1)

Enter catalog:

  • 3 days to kill
  • Alien, the eighth passenger
  • Aliens: The Return
  • Alien 3
  • Alien: Resurrection
  • Fantastic animals and where to find them
  • Comanchería
  • How to train your dragon 2
  • Special bodies
  • The circle
  • The Young Billionaires Club
  • Dead poets society
  • The last exorcism 2
  • Enemy at the Gates
  • Suicide squad
  • Wrath of the Titans
  • A star has been born
  • The sweetest thing
  • The Rose War
  • The jewel of the Nile
  • The jungle of crystal
  • Jungle 2: Red Alert
  • Crazy cars (T1-T2)
  • Napoletans
  • Prodigal Son (T1)
  • Behind the green heart
  • Villaviciosa

Apple TV +

And we end with Apple TV +, which continues with the dropper on.

New chapters:

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