News VOD 31/20: 'Inés del alma mía', the conqueror of Chile

VOD news brings you the best releases of the week on Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video … And August has just started and the holidays for many, so we opted for a historical trip -very ornate, yes- to the untamed lands of present-day Chile five centuries ago with the history of Agnes of my soul. But there is much more.

Amazon Prime Video

Amazon Prime Video returns to take the heading of the section for another week and does so not with an original release, but with an exclusive one, that of Agnes of my soul. However, it is not the only content of its own that premieres on the platform, which also populates a catalog with a lot of movies and a series, including classics such as the Rocky saga or the series of 24 in full, among others. Attentive to the bold!

Agnes of my soul

If a few months ago Amazon Prime Video premiered a series of Hernán Cortés recounting the conquest of Mexico, now it is the turn of the conquest of Chile, in which he had a leading role Agnes of my soul, the Spanish Inés Suárez. The story in this case is based on the novel by Isabel Allende, adapted in a Spanish-Chilean co-production format by Spanish Television, Boomerang TV and Chilevisión. Agnes of my soul She left for the New World in search of her husband and ended up sword in hand, leading the conquest of New Extremadura, present-day Chile.

More exclusive content:

  • The last infiltrator (T1). “In 1985, US DEA agent Enrique” Kiki “Camarena was kidnapped, tortured, and killed by Mexico’s most infamous drug lords. Thirty-five years later, three former internal sources of the cartel share unpublished details. »
  • I Still Believe. «The true story of the life of Christian music mega-star Jeremy Camp. Jeremy’s extraordinary journey of love and loss shows that there is always hope in the midst of tragedy and that faith put to the test is the only faith worth sharing. ”
  • Jessy and Nessy (T2). “Jessy Nessy is a series about Jessy, a girl of innate curiosity, and her best friend, Nessy, a five and a half thousand year old purple sea monster.”

Enter catalog:

  • 24 (Complete series)
  • To snacks
  • Hold me (Towelhead)
  • Friends forever
  • Countercurrent
  • Witches thing
  • The west wing of the White House (Complete series)
  • Doctor Bocanegra (T1)
  • The bone reader
  • The name of the rose
  • Wonderland
  • God’s soldier
  • The lost soldier
  • Fire and rain
  • Ghadi
  • Going
  • Interstellar
  • Jade
  • The hunt (T1)
  • The invincible sword
  • Another’s wife
  • The sacred stone
  • The Last Judgment Prophecy
  • The last time I saw Paris
  • Revenge of the Dolls 4
  • The ten crazy commandments
  • Those who play the piano
  • Marisa in the Woods
  • Beyond obsession
  • While you’re with me
  • My children
  • Moses, the King of Israel
  • My Blueberry Nights
  • Don’t call me bigfoot
  • I never want to lose you
  • Nine bars
  • Paradise
  • Original sin
  • Christmas gathering
  • Rivals
  • Rocky
  • Rocky Balboa
  • Rocky ii
  • Rocky iii
  • Rocky IV
  • Rocky v
  • Cake is over
  • Seconds out
  • Shark Academy (T2)
  • Single and mother in life
  • Sighs from Spain (and Portugal)
  • Tango
  • Ice earthquake
  • The New Tomorrow (T1)
  • Time after
  • Tremble and Obey (Tremble and obey)
  • Sound grocery
  • An American from Rome
  • V, the visitors (T1)
  • I travel alone
  • Wrong Night Stand


Netflix catches your breath a little and after a few weeks in which mediocrity has been the dominant trend … everything remains the same, but a little more spirited and with a much more striking launch such as that of …

The Umbrella Academy

The second season of is now available on Netflix The Umbrella Academy, one of his superhero series based on a comic that sins of many of the sins of other recent series in its category, but has in its favor a quality original material as a base, a slightly more personal style than normal and several familiar faces in his cast, see Ellen Page (Inception, X Men) or Tom Hopper (game of Thrones, Black Sails).

Latte and the magic stone

For the smallest of the house, Netflix has managed the rights of Latte and the magic stone, a German animated feature film that does not come to reinvent the wheel, but is cute enough to be enjoyed as a family any hot afternoon of these.

More exclusive content:

  • Good girls (T3). “Three ordinary mothers plan to rob the supermarket of a lifetime to end their money problems and be independent once and for all.”
  • Hater. «A young man triumphs in the murky world of smear tactics on social networks. Soon after, that virtual poison has consequences in the real world. ”
  • Inside the World’s Toughest Prisons (T4). “Two investigative journalists voluntarily enter the world’s most dangerous prisons, where intimidation and violence reign.”
  • Last Chance U (T5). “Elite athletes with troubled pasts flock to junior college football for a second chance to straighten their lives and fulfill their dreams.”
  • Speedcubers. “This documentary chronicles the trajectory and extraordinary twists in the lives of Max Park and Feliks Zemdegs, Rubik’s cube champions.”
  • Thirst for revenge (T1). “In a secret act of clever revenge, four classmates join forces to expose the injustices that are committed in their school.”
  • Lonely is the night. “When a newlywed is killed, the investigation initiated by a police officer is hampered by his own indecision and the secrets of the family of the deceased.”
  • Solterísima. “It can’t happen without social media, dating and your ex. Fortunately, her best friend, a determined bachelor, encourages her to enjoy life without compromise. »
  • Sugar High. “In this ‘Sugar Rush’ spin-off, highly talented pastry artists compete for a $ 10,000 prize in two rounds: sweets and sugar sculptures.”
  • Sugar rush (T3). “Time is the fundamental ingredient for these teams, which compete against the clock to cook the most delicious desserts.”
  • Transformers: Trilogy of War by Cybertron (T1). “Autobots and Decepticons ravage their planet while waging a horrible war. Meanwhile, two legendary leaders emerge in the Transformers’ origin story. ”

Enter catalog:

  • Knight’s Fate
  • Where is the money?
  • Duplicity
  • The cat
  • The Nutty Professor II: The Klump Family
  • The rebirth of a legend
  • Igor
  • Basic instinct
  • Wave
  • The land of the living dead
  • The Hunger Games
  • The Thundermans (T1-T2)
  • New Years Eve
  • Altarpiece
  • Revolutionary Road
  • We are the Miller
  • Star Trek: In the dark
  • Terminator: Genesis
  • The Italian Job
  • Last suspicion
  • Voltron: The Legendary Defender (T1-T8)

Disney +

Disney + pulls a wardrobe to offer something, but it also debuts something … something different and exclusively for its video on demand platform.

Black is King

Black is King It is certainly a different content, because it is a kind of musical inspired by The Lion King, but adapted to the primitive African tribes. It is written, directed and starred by pop diva Beyoncé and if what was written has not clarified anything, you better watch the trailer to get an idea.

New chapters:

  • Marvel’s Hero Project (T1)
  • One Day at Disney (T1)
  • The Incredible Dr. Pol (T4)

Enter catalog:

  • In search of the king of cats
  • Tangled forever
  • Feast
  • Get a Horse
  • History of a clock
  • Nessie’s ballad
  • The cradle of the gods
  • Lawrence
  • King fishers (T1)
  • Paperman


HBO, for its part, only comes with a documentary under its arm, some movies that will ring a bell and a couple of series.

More exclusive content:

  • Stockton on My Mind. “The complex story of millennial Mayor Michael Tubbs, who grew up in poverty and violence and used his experience to change Stockton, California, his troubled hometown.”

New chapters:

  • Doom patrol (T2)
  • The luminaires (T1)
  • Perry Mason (T1)
  • I could destroy you (T1)
  • Room 104 (T4)
  • Stargirl (T1)

Enter catalog:

  • Giving the grade – even higher
  • Dignity (T1)
  • Hairspray
  • Rush hour
  • Rush hour 2
  • Legion
  • Mamma Mia! The movie
  • Moulin Rouge
  • Little Miss Sunshine
  • Selena
  • The Flash (T6)
  • You the lyrics, I the music
  • v for Vendetta
  • Vidago Palace (T1)

Apple TV +

From Apple TV +, as usual, you can only wait between little and nothing.

New chapters:

  • Central park (T1)
  • Liite Voice (T1)

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