Next year the AirPods will share design with the Pro

airpods pro

It seems that Apple’s AirPods for 2021 would be all similar in design and from what the well-known KGI analyst says, Ming-Chi Kuo, the new models will arrive with this SiP used in the current AirPods Pro. This is nothing more than the change in the internal design of the headphones that would bring changes to the interior of the same, so it is expected that these will end up being the successors to the current AirPods and with a somewhat smaller overall size than usual.

Possible AirPods Studio has been rumored for a long time, these would be the typical headband headphones while the AirPods and AirPods Pro would be the same in design or very similar. Logically then the interior of these will vary depending on the model, but the AirPods could make the leap to the current design of the Pro. We can say that AirPods 3 and AirPods Pro would be very similar on the outside.

On the other hand, it is evident that Kuo’s predictions always generate that thought about something logical and that is that it seems clear that the AirPods and AirPods 2 could follow the path of the current AirPods Pro in terms of design. The new AirPods will arrive by 2021 if Kuo and the rest of the analysts’ predictions are correct, so it is logical in part that they change the design. It will remain to be seen what will happen to the next generation of the popular AirPods Pro finally, but beyond some internal changes little improvement seems that they could have. For this much is lacking, so patience.

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