night photography and more artificial intelligence

The global version of MIUI 12 was presented in May officially, with a multitude of new functions that are coming to Xiaomi phones in Spain. One of the great novelties that the Chinese brand introduced in this new version of the customization layer is the camera, which was renewed with new functions.

The Chinese brand continues working on improvements for the MIUI 12 camera. In fact, two improvements can be expected soon, of which we already have enough data: AI Shutter (function identical to that of the Google Pixel) and new night photography modes. These improvements have been seen in the code already.

AI Shutter on MIUI 12 camera

The first function is AI Shutter, which surely sounds to those users with a Pixel. It is a function that prevents the people we take photos from leaving with closed, unflattering or blinking expressions. MIUI 12 camera will search for people’s smiles, to get the best possible photos of them.

This feature is based on artificial intelligence from the camera, in order to get those good results. In addition, it will also be helpful for occasions when several photos are taken, since the application will then suggest which of those photos is the best of all, so that we can choose the best or the best.

The function has already been seen in the MIUI 12 betas, so it is likely that in a few months it will become official in the camera application for Xiaomi and Redmi phones. Although at the moment there are no dates for it to become official.

Photos night skies

The other function in the camera app will be an improvement of night photos, in this case better pictures of night skies. Again, the Chinese brand seems to have been inspired by the Google Pixel for this function. There will be several options to photograph the sky, one of them specific for night skies.

MIUI 12 will allow shooting starry skies with artificial intelligence that has been trained to do so, which will be working on camera. The application will thus allow you to take good photos of starry skies, moving lights or paintings, among others. This mode will give a longer exposure, which will allow to obtain these good results.

This feature is also being tested in the MIUI 12 betas for the Poco F2 Pro (Redmi K30 Pro), although at the moment it is not known when it will launch stably for users. It is also unknown if it will be available for all phones or if it will be limited to some specific models.

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