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Ninja streams back on Twitch: has he come to stay?

Ninja streams back on Twitch: has he come to stay?

After Mixer is out, Ninja and Shroud are the streamers that every platform would like to have with them. Ninja celebrated a successful, albeit brief, return to Twitch yesterday.

Ninja reactivated its Twitch channel for almost two hours, which still has around 15 million followers. Looking back at his rounds in Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone 84,000 spectators to.

In his stream with buddy DrLupo, he chatted a bit about his plans, but without revealing too much. He described his “Relationship status” with the streaming platforms as complicated and that he “Just something going on” but also quite “Can meet with others”.

That means he is in negotiations with Twitch, YouTube and maybe others, but has not yet decided. For his deal with mixer, Ninja is said to be $ 20-30 million so its market value is quite high.

So where Ninja will stream in the future has not yet been decided. Maybe it will be a Hollywood career after all, he recently revealed that he would enjoy acting.

Whether as an actor or a streamer, Ninja is in no hurry and when it comes to choosing the platform for the future, it is probably just about the best offer.

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