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NobleChairs Epic, review: the true gaming throne

NobleChairs Epic, review: the true gaming throne

When we talk about gaming, the first thing we think about are usually classic peripherals such as a mouse, keyboard, headphones, or ultimately, a monitor.

However, as we have seen previously, there are a multitude of factors that can vary the quality of our experience, starting from the lighting itself, even the chair we use. That is why more and more players choose to replace their desk chairs with gaming chairs.

However, in the same way that in the rest of peripherals we can find different ranges and qualities, when we talk about chairs the summit will undoubtedly be crowned by the NobleChairs Epic. And it is that this gamer chair offers a quality of materials and comfort that undoubtedly lives up to its name.

Specifications NobleChairs Epic (Black / Green)

  • Chassis: Aluminum structure
  • materials: PU leather and high density foam
  • Size / ergonomics: Medium-large, weighing 28 kilograms
  • Maximum supported weight: up to 120 kilograms
  • Armrest: 4D, adjustable in height, depth, length and tilt
  • Suspension: Class 4 Hydraulic Gas Piston
  • Inclination: From 90 ° to 135 °
  • Backrest dimensions: 30 x 87 cm working, reaching 55 cm in total width
  • Seat dimensions: 36 x 49.5 cm working, reaching 55 cm total width
  • Overall dimensions: 56.5 x 139.5 cm
  • Others: Two cushions (lumbar and cervical) included

Package and assembly

A great detail of the brand is that, from the packaging itself, we note the great care with which the NobleChairs Epic is treated, with all the components of it well distributed and protected.

And it is that one of the great fears when comparing these chairs is still their assembly and the possibility of damaging the chair during the process. However, as we have seen in previous analyzes such as the Corsair T2 Warrior or the Cougar ARMOR S, these types of products are designed to be assembled very simply and in just a few minutes.

In the same way that when we are going to make changes to our computer tower, in this case it will be recommended ensure ample space in advance to start the assembly in order to work comfortably and without damaging the chair.

Below we will detail the steps we have followed for its assembly. In our case we have chosen to start from the bottom and up:

  1. We will start with assemble the wheels to the aluminum base, a process that will require some force to do manually, so we recommend that you try to leave them as secure as possible so, once resting on the ground, finish inserting them with the weight of our body and chair.
  2. The next will be fit chair suspension and lift system, a small cylinder that will be inserted in the central space of the base. Followed by the placement of the piece and plastic trim.
  3. Turning now to the seat, we must place the cushion upside down and proceed to place the metal base included in the box, as well as the screws for fix it to the seat frame. We will also take advantage to fit the trims and levers for height and inclination adjustment.
  4. Next, we will align and fit the seat frame to the wheel bracket.
  5. Thus reaching one of the most difficult steps (especially in the case that we perform the assembly alone), it will touch fix the backrest to the seat, adjusting the two screws included on each side. The biggest complication of this step will be the fact of holding the backrest at the same time that we mount it, but if we use a wall and block the movement of the wheels, we can do it with relative ease.
  6. To end, we will place the embecelledores on the sides of the backrest to hide the screws and metal frame.
  7. Additionally, to the taste of each one, we can also place the lumbar and cervical cushions.

Our experience

Just by looking at the chair, we can almost feel the great comfort of the NobleChairs Epic, a sensation that will be reinforced from the moment we rest the body on it. And it is that chair will offer at the same time a quite robust backrest as soft for the back and the seat, with an ergonomic format that fits perfectly for the medium body (having tested it people of different sexes and complexions from 60 to 100 kilos).

in all its variants, the hydraulic system responds perfectly And I have not noticed any symptoms that indicate fragility or the presence of any type of problem. No noise when moving while sitting in it, nor when getting up and sitting down again, which makes it perfect for use not only in recreational spaces, but even in work environments.

And it is that the general finishes of the NobleChair Epic leave a chair that above all, transmits luxury and elegance. The combined use of synthetic leather, fabric and velvet finishes add different textures and quite pleasant touch sensations.

And it is that while the edges or the resting part of the head gain that robustness with the use of leather, the head and lumbar cushions offer a much more flexible sensation. In addition, the latest addition of microperforations for the seat and backrest, as well as diamond embroidery, They offer a great feeling of perspiration compared to other gaming chairs that we have been able to test previously.

Another point in favor is that, instead of using materials such as PVC (with a plastic-based synthetic leather), this model uses a PU-based synthetic leather, using materials such as polyurethane, with a higher quality, resistance and adaptability to body temperature, which also achieves a finish much more similar to real leather.

However, one detail in which perhaps it falls somewhat short, is the seat tilt. And it is that unlike the vast majority of gaming chairs available on the market, this time the NobleChairs Epic will have a maximum inclination limitation up to 135 degrees, far from total horizontality. Although it is worth mentioning that its regulation system is most comfortable, with very precise adjustability and a lot of positions.

NobleChair Epic Review Review

As for the armrests, the first thing to note is that we have slightly wider support surface than normal, although without the presence of any type of groove or ergonomic design.

In compensation, the NobleChairs Epic offers us a 4D adjustment system, with which we can not only regulate the height, but the depth and orientation of the same, offering a final result of the most how, and the possibility of adjusting the chair at the moment for each of our tasks and needs.

Although it is true that in my case I like to use both cervical and lumbar cushions, it is true that, especially for those who are not used to the use of this type of chair, these additions could be somewhat uncomfortable at first. Fortunately, both cushions can be adjusted both in position and in presence, since we can remove them from the chair with great ease.

MC Seal Recommended Product

Available now through distributors such as CaseKing, which supplies the entire territory of Spain and Portugal, we can currently find this NobleChairs Epic range available from 331 euros, slightly cheaper than that of the brand’s web store, and which undoubtedly make this gaming chair one of the most interesting options for players, and in the rest of the color variants available, which will change the green details of the chair shown in this tone analysis black, red, blue or white.

However, we can also find two other versions available with higher quality materials, whose prices will rise to 549 euros in the case of real leather, and up to 999 euros for the most exclusive nappa leather model.

Final assessment

Build quality9.5

Experience of use and solidity9.5

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