nobody remembers it but Apple had its own car in 1996

Although much of today’s smart car talk, Apple had its own car in 1996 in collaboration with Renault. Alliance that would soon come to an end with the return of the legendary Steve Jobs.

Although many will be hurt by what I am going to say, especially in a medium specialized in Android, Apple is one of the world’s leading technology companies. It is now and it has been since its inception and it is that under the watchful eye of the genius Steve Jobs we have seen incredible technology products such as the iPhone, MacBook, iPad and many more come to life.

Although not all Apple products are remembered in the same way. Today there are many news that we read about Android Auto or the Apple Car, cars that thanks to technology are somewhat smarter than an ordinary car, but not everyone knows that the bitten apple company had its own car over 20 years ago. If you did not remember it today is a good time to bring it back.

This was Apple’s Renault Clio

Our colleagues at iPadizate remind us of this magnificent 1996 car. It was a Renault Clio RSi but what made it unique was the logo of the bitten apple rainbow version, which was the logo of the Cupertino company at that time. But be careful, because when you got this car, Apple itself also gave you a Macintosh PowerBook that we could use from the car itself.

Advertising of the time illustrated the following:

Power and intelligence together. Renault puts the car. Apple, the Macintosh PowerBook 190 color. Thus emerges the New Clio Apple RSi. The only car with a laptop. A very special car in which you will find stored the advances of many years of research: driver airbag, reinforced structure, side reinforcements and luggage containment in the event of an accident.

The RSi power and equipment: 110 horsepower, 1,783 cc, temperature, pressure and oil level clocks, electric and thermal mirrors, power steering, electric windows and central locking. And the extras of a limited and unique series: new alloy wheels, mixed upholstery in fabric and gray leather, interior trim in the doors in leather and satellite command CD under the steering wheel. You can not ask for more.

And when you get tired of driving you have a fabulous Macintosh PowerBook 190 color to discover how far you can go in the world of the Internet. The new Clio Apple also incorporates a GSM mobile phone so that it is always connected. Ahead. Enter the network

Apple’s story after this we all know. Steve Jobs returned to the company in 1996, shortly after the launch of this car. The first thing he did was revolutionize the company from top to bottom and end this type of collaboration that for him did not do the Cupertino company any good. Thanks to your return, Apple went from being a company aimlessly to one of the leading companies worldwide.

We just wonder, What would the Apple of today be like if Jobs continued to live? It would be worth seeing.

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