Not only Pixel 5. Google works on more Pixel phones, even a folding one


Google has just released its Pixel 4a this week, while it has almost been confirmed that a model supports 5G networks and the Pixel 5 they will hit the market before 2020 comes to an end. However, these are not the only mobile phones that the internet giant is currently working on.

In the last hours, a document has been leaked that talks about an advanced development of the Google Pixel 5a, a long-awaited model because it would be logical that it should be released next year as the mid-range of Google by 2020. However, the surprise comes when it is confirmed that the manufacturer also wants to get fully into the market for folding mobiles.

New Google Pixel for 2021

9to5Google It is the medium that has found an internal Google document that contains a list of Android compilations for all Pixel devices. Here are included the Pixel 4a, Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5, the models that the brand has launched and will launch this 2020, but the list also includes a future Pixel 5a and three other unannounced devices.

The other three devices are codenamed raven, oriole and passport respectively, and the media says that the last device is specifically identified as folding. The other two devices that appear in the list would be the Pixel 6 series phones since both, together with the hypothetical flexible screen mobile, are accompanied by the identifier »Q4 2021 ″, which would apparently be its launch window.

folding mobile concept

This would not be the first time that we learned that Google works on a mobile with a flexible screen Well, last year there were clues about it. The head of the Google Pixel line, Mario Queiroz, confirmed last year that they were creating a prototype that mimics the design of the top of the range Samsung and Huawei. What remains to be seen is whether Google would also enter the same price range, since today the cost of manufacturing and selling this type of mobile is far from most pockets.

For now there are no more clues about the characteristics or design of the hypothetical folding Google Pixel beyond knowing its existence. If you really see the light at the end of next year, it is quite likely that in just a few months information from the device will begin to leak.

Written by Miguel Martinez

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