Now also videos on Spotify

As of today, Spotify has also allowed its users to watch podcasts. The new video feature can be used by both premium customers and users of the free version.

The streaming platform Spotify has a new feature. As of today, users can no longer just listen to their favorite podcast, they can also see it. The trend towards a visual listening experience had already been announced, as more and more podcasters are making their episodes available on YouTube and filming themselves during the recording.

This new way of consuming podcasts enables users to get to know the people behind the voices even more. It also enables visual content to be used to make listening to podcasts even more meaningful.
To use the new function, users do nothing more than play the desired episode. Then the associated video starts automatically. Voices and music are synchronized and the podcast continues as normal even after the app is closed. This works in the app, but also in the desktop version of Spotify.

German podcasts are not yet using the new video feature. But if you want to get a taste of it, you can do so, for example, in the English-language podcasts “Books of Basketball 2.0”, “Fantasy Footballers”, “The Misfits Podcast”, “Higher Learning with Van Lathan & Rachel Lindsay”, “The Rooster Teeth Podcast” and do “H3 Podcast”.

Since yesterday there is also a new German Spotify Original Podcast. In “Jokes” comedian Till Reiners talks to other people from the German-speaking comedy scene. Hazel Brugger and Aurel Mertz are guests in the first two episodes already published.

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