Now available the first trailer for the second season of For All Humanity

For all humanity Season 2

One of the most anticipated releases of the streaming video service was For all humanity, a series that told us what history would have been like if, instead of the Americans, it had been the Russians who they would have reached the moon for the first time.

Although this series was not fully received by critics, the same thing happened to The Morning Show and See, all of them were quickly renewed for a second season, showing that Apple is in need of original content and now that it has invested in it, she doesn’t want to let him off the hook.

If you liked the first season and you were waiting for the first trailer of the second, you are in luck, since Apple has published on its YouTube channel the first trailer for the second season, a trailer where the tension increases considerably, at least is what it gives us to understand.

This 70-second trailer, with the music Sweet Dreams, by the legendary group Eurythmics, and the background voice of Ronald Reagan (elected president of the United States in 1981) does not show us much, but suggests that the action will take place largely in space, showing how some of the astronauts are carrying their weapons preparing for battle.

At the moment, Apple has yet to comment on the release date on its streaming video service, but it is likely to be available between October and November if we consider that it was in November 2019 when the series premiered on Apple TV +.

If we take into account that the majority of streaming video services are launching their new content in original version, it is probable that Apple will follow the same path and don’t wait until it’s folded, following the same steps as with the Greyhound movie. Due to the pandemic, many of us are dusting our English skills, so there’s no wrong to go well don’t come.

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