Now the celebrities are cooking: spin-off to "MasterChef" at Sky

© Sky

The successful cooking show gets a spin-off – this time prominent hobby chefs are swinging the wooden spoon, including singer Beatrice Egli, boxer Susi Kentikian and sex expert Paula Lambert.

From the end of August, celebrity chefs will face each other face to face in the “MasterChef Celebrity” spin-off and will have to demonstrate their culinary skills to the jury. In eleven new one-hour episodes, participants face a wide variety of challenges, both as a team or alone or in a direct duel. The respective dishes are tasted and judged by the jury consisting of top chef and newcomer Meta Hiltebrand and the two TV and star chefs Nelson Müller and Ralf Zacherl.

Under the motto “culinary journey around the world”, it is not just about having fun cooking – a celebrity has the chance to win a prize of 25,000 euros, which will be donated to a charity. The winner will also receive a cover story in the food magazine “Lust für Genuss”. Singer Beatrice Egli, boxer Susi Kentikian, sex expert Paula Lambert, moderator Panagiota Petridou, moderator Silvia Schneider, entertainer Thomas Hermanns, actor Hardy Krüger Jr., ex-footballer Hans Sarpei, moderator and actor Jochen Schropp and model Cheyenne Ochsenknecht and her brother actor Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht. The film was shot in the studio as well as at unusual outdoor locations.

“MasterChef Celebrity” starts on August 31st every Monday at 8:15 p.m. on Sky One and is also available from Sky Ticket and on demand. The grand finale will be broadcast on November 2 in a double episode.

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