now up to 6,500 euros cheaper in Spain

Tesla has announced today a reduction of 1,000 euros in the price of the Tesla Model 3 of Standard autonomy plus, the base model with rear-wheel drive with 409 km of autonomy, 225 km / h of top speed and acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.6 seconds. This discount makes the car meet the requirements of 2020 MOVES Plan, costing less than 45,000 euros without VAT. And thanks to this, it is possible to request the help of 4,000 euros in your purchase. The figure of 4,000 euros can be extended even to 5,500 euros if a car of more than 7 years ago is delivered for scrapping.

5,500 euros of the MOVES plan and 1,210 euros of Tesla discount

On Tesla’s own page, when carrying out the process of buying in the configure, we are shown in the “See additional information” section the incentives to purchase electric cars that the Government currently offers, with a budget of 100 million euros dedicated to sustainable mobility. The aid is retroactive, so the purchase can be made at the moment and later the aid can be requested when it is available in the autonomous communities.

So this is the first time that the Tesla Model 3 meets the requirements of the MOVES Plan, where two changes have had to occur: that the government increases the limit price so that more expensive cars can receive help, and that Tesla has decided to lower the price of the Model 3, which is much more expensive than in the United States due to the duties, VAT and other taxes that must be paid because the car is made in the United States.

The Tesla Model 3 can cost us up to only 34,490 euros

Thus, the 2020 MOVES plan establishes the limit on the price of a car to receive aid at 35,000 euros, but it increases to 45,000 euros in the event that the purchase is made by people with reduced mobility or the car is labeled of 0 DGT emissions. The discount appears in the purchase process itself, where 1,210 euros (1,000 + VAT) are discounted to reach the minimum price.

Therefore, the price of the car is 47,790 euros, which remain at 43,790 with the help of the MOVES plan, or 42,290 euros if we scrap a vehicle. If we subtract the savings in gasoline that Tesla estimates for the first five years of the vehicle’s life, the price would drop to 35,990 euros, or up to 34,490 euros if we scrap a vehicle. We will see if this serves to increase sales of the brand in Spain, where between January and May they have sold only 491 cars in Spain.

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