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Now yes, not now … The delay or not of the iPhone 12 drives the media crazy

Now yes, not now … The delay or not of the iPhone 12 drives the media crazy

IPhone 12 mockup

Rumors about the possible delay of the new or new iPhone 12 models remain the talk of the media that are not clear whether the Cupertino firm will really have the ability to launch all products on time and in the case of the new iPhone 12 that have to arrive on September – October, neither.

Now the well-known media Mac Otakara, explains that the initial plans of Apple are still those of each year but in this 2020 the iPhone 12 models may suffer a slight delay in the start of sales despite arriving in time to present in September . This means that we would have the presentation as always but that The sale of these devices would come somewhat later than usual.

End of October LTE and November 5G

According to a source close to the production lines, the new iPhone 12 models with the 5G chip would not arrive until next November. This is something that we had already read in previous rumors and is that although the date of the presentation event is true, the sale of The models with 5G connectivity of these new iPhones would not be on sale until November.

An iPhone 12 model with a 5.4-inch OLED screen, another 6.1-inch model would be the first to arrive. Then came the iPhone 12 Pro with a 6.1-inch screen and another Pro Max model with a 6.7-inch OLED screen that would be the next to be marketed. It seems that the Cupertino company has work ahead this summer and if they have to launch four new iPhone models as rumors have been saying for months, we could see two rounds of launches this year. The downside of this is that they do the same thing of leaving countries in second rounds of launches as it was a few years ago, although this really seems little possible, as the rumors about the possible delay in sales may be false.

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