Now you can only create vertical movies in Google Photos

For some reason, Google thinks it’s a good idea to force the option to create movies vertically from the Google Photos app. Now we can only create vertical videos ¯ _ (ツ) _ / ¯.

The application of Google Photos that many of us use as a default gallery, among other reasons, due to its backup functions, has long allowed us to create small movies by collecting photos and videos from our albums. Even sometimes the app itself automatically creates these “moments” if it detects special events or trips.

Now, if you have tried to create one of these movies lately you will have noticed something: forces us to create a vertical video.

At first it might seem like a failure of the latest versions, but no, it is not a bug: from Google they confirm that it is so, we can only create vertical videos.

No horizontal videos in Google Photos

If we use this tool for creating movies in Google Photos and add a photograph or video with a horizontal format, we will immediately see how the app forces us to use the vertical format by adding huge black margins, or directly zooming in on our content, cutting out a large part of it.

It doesn’t matter that the first clips we add are horizontal, the editor always forces the vertical format for the final movie, as reported by Android Police:

Several users have complained about this in recent weeks, but David Lieb, one of those responsible for the development of Google Photos, has made it clear on Twitter that This is not an error, but at the moment they will leave only this option since the videos edited from mobile phones are usually mostly horizontal.

How to create horizontal videos: third-party apps

Despite the fact that Google’s decision does not make any sense, at the moment we have no choice but to swallow. They say they plan to add an option to do the same horizontally, but with no current dates.

If you want to create horizontal videos or movies from your mobile, you will have to resort to third-party video editing applications that you can find on Google Play, like InShot or others:

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