Nubert nuConnect trX: Wireless sounds for HiFi and home cinema

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Nubert’s new radio module transmits sound signals wirelessly between different stations in the home system – even with stereo systems and multi-channel systems from older generations or other manufacturers.

The X-Connect radio network has been linking Nuberts active speakers of the nuPro X series, the subwoofers of the XW generation and Nuberts compact amplifier nuConnect ampX for some time. According to the manufacturer, X-Connect works stably, with high resolution and practically without delay. The nuConnect trX is now expanding this network to include other hi-fi and home theater devices, including those from other manufacturers. It works either as a transmitter or receiver and is compatible with various analog and digital inputs and outputs – including older HiFi products.

You can switch between send and receive mode at the push of a button. As a transmitter, the trX can be operated on a commercially available AV receiver, for example, to control a nuSub woofer via radio and thus reduce the often unloved cabling in the listening room.

The transceiver has a low latency of 20 milliseconds and a high sound transmission quality. According to Nubert, the radio radius of the trX is up to 50 meters, whereby a range of 10 to 15 meters is still guaranteed even with constructional obstacles or interference.

Simple multiroom audio system

The adapter can be used as a receiver, for example, to additionally reproduce the music signal from two nuPro X speakers in the living room on a traditional compact system in an adjoining room. To do this, plug the receiver into one of the analog inputs of the amplifier there using the jack cinch cable supplied.

Another possible application is to set up a radio link between two nuConnect trX, one configured as a transmitter, the other as a receiver. In this way, users could, for example, transfer the sound from the laptop in the study to an active speaker on the balcony to watch sports broadcasts or podcasts outside.

The nuConnect trX is now available from Nubert direct sales for 131 euros. Nubert offers various combination packages at reduced savings prices, a double pack of two trX costs 225 euros. Detailed technical data of the device can be viewed on the official product information page.

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