Nvidia pulls the plug: Current graphics cards are being decommissioned

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Change phase at Nvidia: According to the latest information, the graphics card manufacturer is currently putting its current models on the siding. At first, the high-end cards seem to get upset.


GeForce RTX 2000: Production of many Nvidia cards stopped

Make way for amps! Nvidia seems to think so too. According to current information, the first GeForce RTX 3000 cards will be launched in mid-September. So it’s high time to unplug the current generation, as VideoCardz reports. A few weeks ago there were rumors that the production of the high-end cards of the RTX-2000 series will be discontinued, now the first Nvidia partners seem to have confirmed the project.

Various Chinese providers are already in the process of removing the RTX 2080 Ti, RTX 2080 SUPER, RTX 2070 SUPER and RTX 2070 from their portfolio and starting sales promotions for the remaining stocks.

The current tech news at a glance:

Current high-end cards have had their day: A reference to the RTX 3000?

What immediately catches the eye: At first only the production of the high-end models seems to be stopped. The mid-range graphics cards are not affected by the production stop – at least not yet. That should be an indication that at the start of the new generation of graphics cards, Nvidia will concentrate primarily on providing the top models.

The most popular graphics cards at a glance:

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Top 10: The currently most popular graphics cards in Germany

That should hardly surprise fans. After all, the graphics card manufacturer also launched its high-end GPUs first on the market in the past at the start of a new generation. The cheaper models usually followed a few months later. In this way, the company can ensure that all enthusiasts get one of the more expensive cards first and then serve a larger customer base.

Which also shows the message: The prices for the RTX 2060 and GTX 1660 could rise slightly in the future, as the second wave of the cryptomining boom is slowly starting to roll.

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