Ocilion brings its IPTV to ten other networks

Ocilion offers its customers a complete IPTV system. Ten new customers in Germany and Austria have now decided in favor of the provider – so they want to get started quickly with their own TV products.

More and more German-speaking network operators are choosing Ocilion for their own TV product: In Germany alone, the municipal utilities Bad Nauheim, Hammelburg, Merseburg, Speedloc in Görlitz and Datel in Dessau are using the complete IPTV system and have already started implementing it. In Austria, Energie Steiermark, Feistritzwerke, Xinon in Studenzen, Tirolnet and Stadtwerke Imst are added. More than 60 network operators and municipal utilities have already decided in favor of the Ocilion IPTV solution.

With the complete IPTV system from Ocilion, municipal utilities and network operators can offer their customers TV products on their behalf. In addition to the broadcasting rights, the complete system also includes content packages, numerous convenience functions, an integrated video-on-demand service, 4K set top boxes and apps for first & second screen. Customers can choose between local integration (on-premises) and a cloud solution (wholesale service).

With Energie Steiermark, Ocilion has won another major customer: the network operator, with 600,000 customers, is one of the four largest energy providers in Austria. Thus, in addition to the largest Austrian network operators, Ocilion also delivers a comprehensive IPTV solution to the major state energy suppliers Energie Steiermark, Wien Energie and Energie AG (Upper Austria).

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  • Ocilion: OCILION IPTV Technologies GmbH

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