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You can add additional lines of offer if you have decided that your children have their first mobile, if you want to have a line of work and a personal one, if your partner has gone to live with you and you share the same convergent rate … There are many reasons why that we may need them and today we explain everything you must know about them and how to hire.

What are additional lines?

The additional lines are exclusively mobile lines (with data and minutes for calls) that can be added to a main rate. Usually these lines canAdd yourself to a Fiber + mobile package and other converging options to add more phone numbers linked to the rate. They must always be associated with the same customer and the same account number. It is useful, for example, when using them in a small company and all of them are linked to the same mobile rate. Or in a family in which you have your mobile phone and fiber at home but want an additional line for your son or daughter, for your partner, etc. Always have to be associated with the same NIF and the same bank account.

How many additional can you have?

You can have up to four additional lines associated with your rate.

Prices and fees

The additional lines of Amena they are not different to which you can hire if you only want a mobile rate without fiber pack or convergent. They are the same although you will find them at a discount and you will have to pay less usually for having them associated with the same account holder. Specifically you will have a 50% discount, as we will explain in the next paragraphs.

Prices and characteristics of Amena rates They are:

  • 4 GB cumulative (5 GB until 09/30/20) with calls at 0 cents a minute with roaming in the European Union included and unlimited SMS for 6.95 euros per month.
  • 5 GB cumulative (7 GB until 09/30/20) at maximum 4G speed, unlimited calls, EU roaming included and unlimited SMS for 9.95 euros per month.
  • 12 GB cumulative (15 GB until 09/30/20) at maximum 4G speed, unlimited calls, EU roaming included and unlimited SMS for 14.95 euros per month.
  • 25 GB cumulative (40 GB until 09/30/20) at maximum 4G speed, unlimited calls, EU roaming included and unlimited SMS for 19.95 euros per month.
  • 30 GB cumulative (60 GB until 09/30/20) with unlimited calls and roaming in the European Union, unlimited SMS for 24.95 euros per month.

All lines, if contracted as an additional line, are priced at 50% of the original cost

summer 2020


Rates include unlimited calls to national mobiles and landlines but with a maximum of 150 different destinations whom you can call during the same month. From this number of destinations, calls are priced at an establishment cost of 18 cents and a price of 10 cents per minute.

As for roaming, it is included in zone 1, with trips to any country in the European Union, Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein. If they detect that you are misusing roaming you will receive an SMS warning you and you will have 15 days to change the behavior pattern. If you don’t change it, you will start make additional charges in your data consumption with 0.41 euro cents for each MB consumed from that moment.


Amena’s mobile lines they have no commitment to stay Neither if you add them as an additional line or if you contract them individually. Of course, you must have a valid fiber + mobile line so that the discount is passed on to the additional lines you have. If you stop having the fiber + mobile pack, they will begin to charge the price of other customers.

Accumulable gigabytes

The gigabytes are accumulative independently on each Amena contracted line but you cannot share data between lines. Unlike other operators, you will not be able to transfer the data you have left to other lines even if they are in the name of the same owner. You will have to spend them or accumulate them for the following month. The accumulative gigabytes are applied to all mobile rates and during the month you will accumulate the GB that you have not consumed. The following month you will spend the accumulated gigabytes of the previous month and then those of your rate. The accumulated gigabytes not spent will not accumulate after two months… In other words, if you accumulate gigabytes in January you can spend them in February and those of your February rate you can spend in March. But you will not be able to spend the accumulated of January in the month of March.

This is automatically activated In all the above rates and for free, you do not have to do anything and you just have to go to the My Amena application or to the customer area to know how many gigabytes you have available each month. If you change your rate, you lose the accumulated gigabytes but you will be able to continue accumulating from the change, as applicable to the contract.

Threaten at home

50% discount on additional lines

You can get additional lines with a discount at Amena if you meet some requirements. The discount will always be applied, with no expiration date on that line.

  • You have to have hired or hire a new fiber and mobile line
  • Once hired, add more mobile lines to the rate
  • 50% will be applied on the invoice about the lowest monthly fee

Amena remembers that some details must be taken into account:

  • The discount will be applied to second and successive lines provided they have been registered. between 10/28/2019 and 12/31/20 and as long as the client has an Amena + fiber mobile convergent offer or package active at the time of billing.
  • The discount is applied to the mobile lines with the lowest monthly fee.
  • If you unsubscribe from fiber or second lines, the discount is unsubscribed.
  • All lines must tsame NIF and bank account.

Additional lines of Amena

How to hire

You can add additional lines when hiring Amena for the first time. Just go to the operator’s website and select the package:

  • Go to the Amena website
  • Play on Fiber + Mobile
  • Choose the rate you want from all available
    • Symmetrical 100 Mb fiber with landline calls and 40 GB mobile phone with unlimited calls and cumulative gigabytes for 35.95 euros.
    • Fiber 100 Mb with landline with calls, mobile with 40 GB cumulative and unlimited calls and second mobile line with 7 GB of cumulative data and with unlimited calls for 40.95 euros.
    • Symmetrical 100 Mb fiber with landline calls, 60 GB of accumulative mobile and unlimited calls for 45.95 euros per month.
  • Tap on “I want it” to choose the rate you like
  • Decide if you want to keep your number or a new number
  • Tap on “Start purchase”
  • Fill in your contact details
  • Follow the steps
  • Complete the hiring form
  • Choose if you want add additional lines


Contact Amena

If you have any questions about Amena’s additional lines, you can contact the green operator by phone or by approaching one of the stores available throughout Spain.

You can call 1413 or to any of Amena’s toll-free numbers (900 901 460 or 900 900 705), which have customer service hours from Monday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. The numbers are completely free and you can consult any questions whether you are a new client or if you are already a client and need to contract lines.

You can also go to a physical store in Amena. Go to the store search engine, select our province, town and click on the Store search button. You will see which one is closest to your location and you can check the exact time and address to approach it when you want to solve any question.

Or on social networks where you can make inquiries quickly:

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