Official, OnePlus "AirPods" will arrive on the 21st

Oneplus has officially announced that it will launch its first Bluetooth headphones next July 21, 3 years after the launch of its OnePlus Bullets Wireless, the Bluetooth headphones with a somewhat more sporty aesthetic that the company put on the market.

Now, OnePlus’ first all-wireless headphones are just around the corner, and will be added to the company’s product portfolio, which it intends to expand also with the arrival of OnePlus Nord, the company’s mid-range smartphone.

AirPods Pro

Many manufacturers are aiming to launch AirPods-style headphones

OnePlus announces the launch of OnePlus Buds

OnePlus has made the launch of the OnePlus Buds official, which is the name that will receive their new Apple-style Bluetooth headphones, which will foreseeably consist of a box that would act as a charger and two independent headphones.

At the moment not much is known about these headphones, but Pete Lau, the CEO of the Chinese company has stated that These headphones will be a perfect mix between sound quality and easy use experience, which is what users are looking for:

“With the new OnePlus Buds we are expanding our portfolio of products that offer our users a more fluid experience” (…) “Our users are looking for the perfect combination of great sound quality and a user-friendly experience, which is what they will offer the new OnePlus Buds ”

These OnePlus Buds look pretty good, And we will be able to see them next July 21 with the OnePlus Nord, in a presentation in augmented reality at 16:00 Spanish time through the AR OnePlus Nord application, which you can download both on your Android mobile and on your iPhone.

This launch, together with that of the new OnePlus smartphones, makes us very happy, since is a company from which we want to see more products with the quality that always characterizes them.

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