Oktoberfest hosts angry with ARD series "Oktoberfest 1900"

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The fictional series is about power struggles between brewery clans, which are said to be based on a historical event.

Munich Oktoberfest hosts are angry about the ARD series “Oktoberfest 1900”. The show will not be broadcast until September, but the landlord Christian Schottenhamel already calls it “reputation-damaging” in the “Bild” newspaper (Thursday edition). “Even if it is supposed to be a fictional representation, this negative representation is bad,” said Schottenhamel of the newspaper. “Our guests will think: It is the same today.”

According to ARD, the series is about the “bitter struggle between two brewery clans for social and economic supremacy in Munich in 1900”. The main roles include Francis Fulton-Smith and Martina Gedeck.

The Munich economics officer and Wiesn boss Clemens Baumgärtner (CSU) criticized in the newspaper: “To turn an Oktoberfest back to a power-obsessed milieu in order to generate an audience is totally wrong. It has nothing to do with reality. ”He wanted to“ have a historical check ”whether there really was a landlord war that took place in 1898 and on which the plot of the series is to be based. “We are not aware of anything about this here.”

The producer of the series, Michael Souvignier, tried to resolve the concerns in the newspaper. He emphasized that it was a fictional, historical series: “There is no reason to worry.”

The spokesman for the Oktoberfest hosts, Peter Inselkammer, told the “Bild” that he had met with the filmmakers before filming. “I hoped that my explanations would prevent bad representations.”

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