on a Xiaomi Mi 9T it is possible

Most Android phones sold in Spain have a fingerprint sensor, which can be placed under the screen or in other places on the phone (side or back). In the case of optical sensors under the display, there are users who wonder what this sensor sees. A user with a Xiaomi mobile manages to answer this question.

This is a user with a Xiaomi Mi 9T, which, as seen on Reddit, has had access to the fingerprint sensor under the screen, so that you have been able to see its activity. A curious process, but which at the same time leaves serious doubts about the security and privacy of phones.

Convert the fingerprint sensor in Xiaomi into a camera

Xiaomi Mi 9T

After installing Activity Launcher In the Xiaomi Mi 9T, the user has had access to a series of hidden functions within the device, in addition, this launcher also allows access to calibration menus, factory tests and other demonstrations. Through this app it is how he has been able to make said fingerprint sensor become a camera.

As expected, sensor image quality is very poor. The image itself is low resolution compared to a normal camera, while video recording is shaky, with a blurry image and too much shake. Of course, a fingerprint reader is not designed to function as a camera, and you can see that it is not something that can really be used in case you want to spy on a user.

Although the user in this Xiaomi Mi 9T has had access is something that raises some concern. Since end users can access this information through these steps, simply by installing an application on the phone. Also, this is something possible on more phones, not only on this Xiaomi Mi 9T. Also users with other phones, such as the Poco F2 Pro have had access to said fingerprint reader.

Access is something that also causes problems, because in fact in said Poco F2 Pro a user has reported that his fingerprint sensor has stopped working after having turned it into a camera. So it is something that generates risks.

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