On Amazon: cult show celebrates an unexpected comeback

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After eight years there is an unexpected comeback: Switch Reloaded will be back soon – but no longer at ProSieben and under a different name. Binge Reloaded will be called the new edition on Amazon Prime Video and will initially start with eight episodes. But is the old crew there again?


Amazon: Switch Reloaded becomes Binge Reloaded

From Switch to Switch Reloaded to Binge Reloaded: The German comedy classic of private television is back soon. Amazon has initially secured rights to eight episodes, as actor Michael Kessler has now revealed to DWDL. Kessler will be back at Binge Reloaded, just like Martin Klempnow, who was part of the crew before. Fans of the original format will have to do without other familiar faces from the past.

Instead of Bernhard Hoëcker, Max Giermann and Martina Hill, Binge Reloaded will try a new line-up. Tahnee Schaffarczyk, Antonia von Romatowski and Joyce Ilg are there, plus Jan van Weyde, Paul Sedlmeir and Christian Schiffer. Behind the camera there is also a mix of Switch-savvy and new people. The new name is intended to make it clear that the classic television landscape has changed into a streaming landscape. Parodies of linear TV productions are likely to continue.

There are also well-known streaming series, although it is not yet explicitly revealed whether Netflix productions are also corrupted on Amazon Prime Video: “Whether series, films, fictional show characters, actors, presenters, athletes or national and international stars and starlets – no Screen darling is safe from the parodies of the fantastic cast, ”says Christoph Schneider, Managing Director Prime Video in Germany.

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Switch Reloaded: Comeback after eight years

The comedy format was first broadcast on ProSieben in 1997 under the title “Switch – TV mercilessly parodied!” Three years later it was over until Switch Reloaded was launched in 2007. Parodies were broadcast on ProSieben until 2012. Now, after an eight-year hiatus, Amazon Prime Video continues. There is no exact date yet, but the first episodes of Binge Reloaded should be available by the end of the year at the latest.

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