OneDrive expands maximum file size, adds dark mode, and more

Because not only Windows 10 lives the Microsoft user, the company has just presented a lot of new features that come, in this case, to its file storage and synchronization service in the cloud, OneDrive. So the truth is that the news touches Windows very closely, but it also does so beyond the home operating system.

They tell it on the Office 365 blog and if you are a dedicated user of the service, you will be interested in reading everything they publish in detail, because some changes are coming… for the better, it is understood. The most prominent and which will benefit everyone is the increase in the size of files being uploaded, from 15 GB to 100 GB for both OneDrive and SharePoint.

Another novelty that OneDrive will receive and that is very fashionable lately is a dark theme for web application, following the market trend and the incorporation of this feature in mobile applications for Android and iOS. “In addition to its aesthetic appeal, dark mode also reduces eyestrain and improves the battery life of your device,” they say from Microsoft.


Dark modes in OneDrive web

More OneDrive innovations include improved integration with Microsoft Teams, which will offer “the same file sharing and access control experience that business users already know from other Microsoft 365 applications such as OneDrive, Outlook or Office,” they say. It also improves the support of synchronized metadata and the possibility of continuing to share files with collaborators regardless of whether they change location.

But there’s more, including improved contact collaboration features, the option to turn off comment notifications in individual files, copying of links to share directly from the browser’s address bar, and, very importantly, various security enhancements, such as the classification of files by ‘sensitivity’, automatic expiration for external access or multi-factor authentication policies.

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