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OnePlus Nord, 8 GB LTE in the telecom network + power bank for € 20 / month

OnePlus Nord, 8 GB LTE in the telecom network + power bank for € 20 / month

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At you can currently order the new OnePlus Nord in a real top bundle: You get the cell phone with an 8 GB LTE and Allnet flat rate in the telecommunications network for less than 20 euros. On top of that there is a 10,000 mAh power bank. We have checked the costs and tell you why you should strike here.

OnePlus Nord + 8 GB LTE in the telecom network for 19.50 euros a month

The OnePlus Nord officially starts selling on August 4th. Anyone looking for the new price-performance hit including contract in reliable Telecom network wants to secure now and does not say no to an additional power bank, will find the right offer here. At there is OnePlus Nord (128 GB) + 8 GB LTE-Data volume + Allnet-Flat + 10,000 mAh Power bank in the “Congstar Allnet Flat M” tariff for just once 19.50 euros a month and 4.95 euros additional equipment.

Note: The discounted monthly amount is due to the VAT reduction running until December 31, 2020. After that, you pay regular 19.99 euros.

Overview of the tariff details:

  • Provider: Congstar
  • Tariff: Congstar Allnet Flat M (summer promotion)
  • Network: Telekom
  • Minimum term: 24 months, 3 months notice
  • 8 GB LTE-Data volume (max. 25 Mbit / s)
  • Allnet flat SMS and telephony
  • EU roaming included
  • 1st month free + 5 GB data volume
    1st month free 50 Mbit / s download speed
    (1. Send invoice for reimbursement, cancellation necessary)
  • 10 Euro credit if you take your number with you
  • Encore: Powerbank – VoltHub Lite + 10,000 mAh

The OnePlus Nord is considered a new price-performance hammer. In addition to the successful software and the ultra-liquid 90 Hz display, the cell phone can also impress in terms of performance and camera. More information about the device is available in our article 48 hours with the OnePlus Nord.

OnePlus Nord with contract in the telecom network: cost calculation

So that we know how good the offer is, we calculate the cost of the smartphone from the tariff. So we get the pure tariff costs. Only then can you assess whether a SIM-only tariff with a separately purchased smartphone is more worthwhile than the bundle.

An overview of the tariff calculation:

  • Basic fee: 24 x 19.99 euros
  • One-time payment for the mobile phone: 4.95 euros
  • One-time connection price: 14.63 euros
  • Shipping costs: free
  • Total costs after 24 months minimum contract term: 499.34 euros
  • Release price for the OnePlus Nord: 399 euros
  • Price for the VoltHub Lite + 10,000 mAh power bank: approx. 14 euros
  • Effective price for the Telekom tariff with 8 GB LTE: EUR 86.34 (3.59 euros in the month)

Arithmetically you pay really cheap for the pure tariff with 8 GB LTE data volume in the telecom network 3.59 euros a month. This is an absolute bargain for the services offered. Even with download speeds limited to 25 Mbit / s, everyday apps and Full HD streams are no problem. With the OnePlus Nord and the Powerbank you get overall a really affordable top package.

You can find out how we calculate whether a mobile phone tariff is worthwhile in this video:

Danger: However, you should cancel the bonuses granted in the first month (additional 5 GB data volume and higher data speed) immediately, otherwise they will continue to run in the following month (total 7.79 euros / month). Also pay attention to the notice period at the end of the contract, since the conditions change from the 25th month.

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